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Of WHICH application? 

AdNet allows me to schedule content for display in the future and for a certain number of days.  Is there another component that allows this type of scheduling? 

How do I mix the non-paid content (venue and patron content) with the paid content where the airtime for the paid content NEVER gets above 50% of the total airtime?

I think I would use the AdNet packages to insert both the paid and non-paid (filler) content into the airtime.  Part of my sales pitch to potential venues is that the ads will never be more than 50% of the total airtime. 

How do I control the % of airtime that my 3 groups of content (paid, venue, patron) get on the screens?

UPDATE...   It looks like the username IS listed at the end of the account name within the browser tab.  However since the company name comes first it takes up the visual tab space, the username isn't visible and thus unusable.

Please either switch the ordering putting the repeated-redundant information LAST, or add that information to the visible window instead of the tab.


In the desktop version of Studio, there's a label in the upper left within parentheses that shows the name of the user logged in.  I find this very helpful but its missing in the web version.  I need to go to help-about to find out the "client email".  Why isn't that shown on the web version in the same way as the desktop version, even if its got to be moved around some?


Enterprise edition, branding and reselling / Randomizing Ad Packages??
« on: December 08, 2016, 01:24:42 PM »
Is there a way to NOT have a set of 10 ad packages display one-after-another within the adnet component? 

How do I get paid adnet packages to "sprinkle" through the non-paid filler content without them all being clumped up together?

Ok... After watching the heck out of the video tutorials, I've figured a bit more out about my situation... 

I'm the network.. I'm the Reseller.  I'm the main company.

Everybody else is a Business/Account with at least one USER (which is default).  This is true for, sales staff, Venues (screen locations), advertisers, etc...  The only difference is in their access levels, privileges and keys which restrict their access to the network and its functions.

Administrators will simply be new USERS under my primary account with higher privileges. 

This wasn't clear to me when I got going...  Also, using the reseller desktop login then launching studio based on the user was another HUGE piece that I didn't realize the importance of for daily administration.

I think I have a reasonable grasp on it at the moment.  We'll see if that turns out to be the case as I put it into use. . hehe...   


My planned digital signage network will have the following "levels" of interaction:

- Administrators/Staff - Those putting the network together and creating the content (packages)

- Sales staff - Those selling to both the advertisers and the venues where the displays will be

- Venues - The locations where the displays/screens are

- Advertisers - The customers paying for everything but (in my opinion) have no access to the network at all

I've got the Enterprise Edition and am struggling to find out how to map what the software uses to what I'm thinking of.  I'm seeing the following Levels(groups) in the software:

- Account

- Business

- Re-seller

- User

- Customer

How do I map the terms I'm using to the terms used in the software?  I want to setup the network, have my sales staff go out and sell venues and advertisers and have my staff create the ads and run the packages.  I'm confused with the labels being used.  Help...


Topic Bump... 

My needs are simple and similar to what the original posts is about.  I'm trying to have an "automated" way to have only 3 "pools" of full-screen slides play.  One pool supporting the venue, one pool being "filler" and the last being paid ads. I want the timeline/loop to consist of:

1st - Venue
2nd - Paid Ad
3rd - Filler
4th - Paid ad
and repeat...

Is there a sample from MonsterSignage or from the Enterprise Collections or something that can do this???

Would these components / functions solve the issue I'm working on as well?

"12:46Lee A Keiser II: I want to run my screens with a single full-screen screen division for the moment. I would like to cycle the players between 1) paid Ads, 2) Content Filler and 3) Venue Promotions. How do I use the collection component to display its contents in a randomized, or at least sequential, fashion? if I need to start and stop the collection player to cycle between the 3 different collections (which keeps displaying the first item in each collection)?
12:53Ron O: I see watch this video tutorial for more information
12:53Ron O: [external link removed]
12:53Ron O: is there anything else?
12:53Lee A Keiser II: I've watched that video several times and didn't see how to randomize it (or cycle between different collections).
12:54Lee A Keiser II: Did I miss something or is that info not in there?
12:54Ron O: unfortunately on the part of randomizing content its not possible
12:54Ron O: it will just loop
12:55Lee A Keiser II: is there another component for putting in randomized "filler" content?
12:55Ron O: but if you put it in a channel then you can check on the randomize option for the channel
12:55Ron O: that way the videos on the channel will be randomized
12:56Lee A Keiser II: Are there features of the collection component that are coming up in a new release that may resolve this situation?
12:56Ron O: that I cannot answer
12:57Ron O: but you have a very good suggestion to add as a feature for the collection component
12:57Ron O: what we can do there is to put it in the boards
12:57Ron O: access the forums and look for the thread applicable to it
12:57Ron O: update the thread or create a new one if its not available
12:58Lee A Keiser II: ok..
12:58Ron O: forums.digitalsignage.com
12:58Lee A Keiser II: thank you.."


The autostart is easy enough to fix with an Android app called "autostart - no root"...

The problem I'm having is getting rid of the Android Task / Status bar AUTOMATICALLY when the signage player runs.  I can click on it to hide it, but obviously can't click on the hide-taskbar icon if I'm not at the location/venue.

Anyone know of an app that will allow a complete "remote desktop" to a field-deployed android tv stick?


I would think that the most important piece of data for a particular station would be if its "running" or not.  After that, I would think that the second most important piece would be WHAT its running.  I guess information like OS, memory usage and run time are good bits of info, but I don't see them being nearly as important as being able to at-a-glance see that the proper campaign's are running.

Please make a column in the station grid for the currently running campaign.  :-)


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