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I would like to see a photo album component (media rss feed) to cycle on photos/video with option for cycle speed, transitions etc...  Also, have it re-check or ingest RSS feed every 10, 30 or 60 minutes etc... for updates.

Overall nice software; but wanted to provide input   ;D


   I am not able to get the studiolite scene custom media rss to work.  The steps:
go into create scene - add the media rss - the field for add custom url shows up (for milli-second) and then disappears. I am not able to add the custom url link to my properly formatted MRSS. 

It does work, if add it directly to a campaign. But the formatting or sizing is not ideal (purpose for the scenes ;)

Thank you,

SignagePlayer / Re: IOS IPAD not updating campaign
« on: December 18, 2014, 10:18:53 AM »
It is on their website - a pretty basic app and interface when you install that does initial kick off a campaign from studiolite...

Can DigtalSignage confirm whether this is supported or backburner?


SignagePlayer / IOS IPAD not updating campaign
« on: December 18, 2014, 07:49:25 AM »
I am unable to update or change a campaign on the IOS IPAD signage player via studiolite.  I can get it initially configured; but after that I am unable to manage and changes remotely from studiolite.  Unless, I logout out of the IPAD digital signage and log back in; basically resetting and restarting the IPAD signage configurations.

In Station,  the stop will stop the campaign, the start will start the campaign. But  select a different campaign from drop down and refresh does not seem to work. The send event also does not update or do anything (not sure what send event does).  What is the sequence of steps to update a campaign?

Any guidance is much appreciated. 

thank you,

SignagePlayer / Re: Raspberry pi ~ digitalsignage player
« on: December 16, 2014, 10:18:37 AM »
thanks for the reply.  It looks like you guys have a nice Android usb solution; which should work better for a light weight LCD display.


SignagePlayer / Raspberry pi ~ digitalsignage player
« on: December 16, 2014, 09:16:25 AM »
Is there any digitalsignage player option for raspberry pi/raspbian for studiolite?  I saw a few previous post but they were a few years old.  I know rise vision has something but would prefer to use this platform.


I definitely don't have the updates...  I am on version 1.4.28.  And in Github I can see that Pepper.js does not have the updated date structure. I just updated manually for now.  Would be interested to see how to get the "node update" command to work ~ it cant find the update command and have tried the node directory (usr/local/bin)? Or what version npm install studiolite is pulling.


Hi JMH! I though so; just pulled it from git the other day. The projects I created in the web app are fine; just a problem with this "error" version I pulled from github. Maybe I did not grab the right fork. I am a ruby-rails full-stack developers; so still getting spun up on Node.js.  I did npm studiolite update ~ but that didn't really do anything.  I will look at how I pulled it initially.  :o  You know if GitHub is updated with the latest fixes?


    Any update on when this will be fixed.... I am receiving a similar message  ERROR: 22008: date/time field value out of range: "13/11/2014 12:00 AM". This is on a local studiolite version that I downloaded from git.


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