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Title: Location Based Services
Post by: zakwan on September 20, 2017, 01:34:36 AM
Hi there!

I'm building a location-based services using Ultimate GPS Breakout v3 and Raspberry Pi 3. So, I watched the tutorial from Digital Signage a few times (.._html/signage_video.html), and do some Google to build it. In the video, it used Raspberry Pi 2 to connect it with GPS. I have done making GPS on Raspberry Pi 3.

The problems is I cannot connect my Raspberry Pi 3 with Digital Signage. I have change the data on sendRemoteCommand() in the getgps.js file with my setting as instructed in the tutorial. When I run the getgps.js file, it said 'Error: Cannot find module jsonp-client'. Is the provided by Digital Signage is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3? I'm new with programming. Sorry for my bad English. By the way, I used UART connection method to connect the GPS.

Any help is much appreciated!