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I have created a few custom apps that greatly simplify the management of DS campaigns.

This is more than a collection of apps – it has fundamentally changed the way I sell and the way my clients perceive digital signage.

Program 1 – Forwards a Gmail to any other email address.

This script forwards the email and removes all forwarding information.  It is indispensable for those who use Zapier or IFTTT to create RSS feeds.  See update below!

You or your client can update a scrolling text message simply by sending an email.  The scroll will be updated within minutes and can be changed as many as 100 times per month. 

This application is PIN number protected so there are no authorized scrolls appearing on your clients TV’s

Program 2 – Sends any received Gmail attachments to a specific Google Drive Folder.  This is also controlled by a PIN number.

This script additionally allows the maximum number of items retained in that folder to be set as a specification.


An Email tagged “Background” will send the attached images to the google drive folder that contains your campaigns background image.  If the maximum number of items in that folder is set to 1 then the new image just replaces the old image.  This folder will always contain a single item.

An Email tagged “Slideshow” can send all the attached images in that email to the Drive folder that you choose.  If the number of folder items is set to 10 then then newest items automatically replaces the oldest items.  This folder will always contain the 10 newest items.

This script deletes the items permanently so the “trash” folder is always emptied.

There is no limit to the number of timelines and screen divisions that can be controlled by sending an email.

One copy of this app is need for each Google Drive Folder that you wish to control.

Program 3 – Send a Gmail attachment to a specific Drive file but these attachments will not be included in the maximum item count for that folder and do not auto delete.   We call this “The Keepers”
All of these apps work from a SINGLE Simple Gmail account.   One email address – simple as that

Once launched these tools work automatically in the background.

I wish to test these items with an established DS reseller who is very comfortable with the use of Google Drive Scenes.
I will provide best practices and every process step needed to implement these tools.
I tell a prospective client - “If you can send an email you already know how to do this” Simple as that.
I have over 3 years of development in the creation of these tools and processes.

I have reserved the intellectual property rights to these programs and have taken other steps to protect my efforts and ultimately wish to allow others to use these tools.
It should be possible to provide you a complete product, including your DS Drive Token, ready to connect to your Google Drive Scenes.

You will not have any new software to learn.  If you can send an email you already know how to do this.

My goal is to determine the level of effort needed by me to set this up for someone else in the real world.

Currently I can incorporate these tools into an existing user’s campaign in an hour.
All I asked is that you agree to protect my efforts.
Give me your input and ask any questions that you may have.

Give me an idea what would be fair and what method would work best to charge for this service.
I wish I could just share it but it has been a long and expensive road to get to this point.
These tools will work on any Google Drive enabled Digital Signage Product.
Thanks to all

Paul Wheeler
Local Business Patriots

I have a scene that pulls images from google drive to a screen division.  We use this division as a background.

In the common tab I want to use the slider to "fade" the image - But it simply does not do anything.

Before - we would use a jpg resource and use the slider on the common tab to fade it and  it worked perfect.

Many times the image pulled from google drive is simply to overpowering to be used a background and needs to be calmed down.  Can this be fixed?


Paul of MO

The digital signage players do not read the picture orientation tag on drop box items.  Even though they look correct in DB they can be sideways or even upside down when displayed as part of the signage presentations. 

Support says to download the pic from dropbox / delete the pic from dropbox / use third party software to read the tag and rotate the picture /  and then re-upload the pic back into dropbox.  (Yuck)

Can we please make DS read the tag and display the pic correctly.  This feature has been part of every picture viewer and OS system for over a decade now so I hope that it should not be difficult to make it work in DS.

I have over 100 accounts with nearly 700 users using dropbox to store content so this is not trivial. 


Paul of MO

My dropbox files show jpegs correctly - up is up.  It is reading the orientation tag and displaying them as it should.

The dropbox scene renders some of the images sideways or even upside down.  It is not reading the tag.

I can download all of the items from dropbox and manually rotate them so they are correct and re-upload them to dropbox.  After doing this the dropbox scene plays them correctly.

Can DS be updated to read the orientation tag and display the images correctly?



I am setting up a player for a VA hospital and the Government will not give me their private wifi network password.  They want me to use their public one but one has to agree to usage terms.  Can the driod be made to do this?


Paul of MO

New features and suggestions / Scroll Speed increase
« on: February 01, 2016, 09:26:49 AM »
Ronnie on the live chat was great with this but I would like to make a request for change (RFC).

I have low vision clients and we are using DS to create a large text scroll so they can read text messages sent to them.   

The issue is that the larger the text size is the slower the scroll moves.  The slider for speed is not "long enough" and needs to have a faster setting (RFC).  Once we get above 6 or 8 inch tall letters the scroll speed becomes so slow that it is frustrating for them or even not usable.

Could it be changed that the speed option be a numeric box like text size is / and or / the slider made to have a higher fast side?


I have retail clients - If I could create a timeline with a huge horizontal scroll that moved quickly then I could market DS as an alternative to an expensive LED/dot matrix window signs.   We could have a nice background with 10 inch letters moving promptly across the center of the clients TV. Simple and would be very easy to market.

Thanks so much!


edit:  I have also noticed that the text size box also seems to have a maximum size of 720 - We can make the letters about 6 or 8 inches tall on a 32 inch TV, nice and big but we have clients that need even bigger text (another RFC). 

In a nut shell we need great big freaking huge text scrolling across the screen at a quicker pace so our visually impaired clients can read at a normal adults reading speed.

Thanks again,

- Paul

I have used the dropbox link to be able to email content directly to the clients TV's and would like to do the same for scrolling text.

Ideally would be able to sent a simple text message and have it populate the scrolling text on the campaign.

Any out of the box ideas?



I have one client with a weather RSS feed at the top and an embedded RSS feed at the bottom.  In the middle is a single flv video that loops.  This video is freezing about 5 times per hour.  Total size less than .5 gig.

The RSS feeds keep running after the flv video locks up.  The player is also going back to the andriod start up screen at times. 

I have switched out media sticks and still have the same problems at the clients location.  1g/8g Andriod 4.2.2 and 4.4.2.  I have it running on my cell phone and it does the same thing so it is not a issue at the clients location.

I have cleared the memory, deleted and reloaded the resources in the presentation, played with the reboot specs, lowered the quality, all to no resolution.

Any ideas on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Wheeler
Local Business Patriots


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