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SignageStudio / Re: Studio v6.0.88 is BROKEN. Why is it out of BETA?
« Last post by epic paul on Today at 05:30:00 PM »
Not to flog a dying horse but I have to agree with Red Minnow.

Lots of enhancements that no one is asking for - fun - but fix the basics first.

In my past career we had a customer advisory board along with an end user joint application development process. Only the suggestions from our clients went on to become new enhancements no matter how good things looked in "creative land" and absolutely nothing was released until our CAB said it was good to go. 

I worked and managed product development for a fortune 1000 sized company for over 20 years and understand that it is hard for the truly creative to not wander off into creative land.  Sometimes "Hey - This would be neat" is not a good thing if it is coming from an internal voice.  This creates creeping elegance and that is not always a good thing.

Lastly - DigitalSigange.com seems to have a firewall between the customer and the middle and upper levels of the company.  This can be deadly.  Your customers are the best source of new and needed ideas.


DS 6.0 can not even display a horizontal RSS feed correctly - wow - how did that get past the beta? 

The studio URL Preview no longer displays campaigns correctly - poof - there went our ability to live demo a potential client.

Enough said.

Here are just few abilities that would be nice features - Steve at Red Minnow could certainly code these for you:

A timeline resource to restart the players with current updates - this actually would solve a lot of bugs.
A timeline resource to clear the cache on a player - This would solve most Google Drive and Dropbox issues .

More scrolling speed on the RSS feeds.

An affordable low end player - I miss the media droid 90.  I have and will pay extra for a pre-loaded hardware solution.

3 enhancements and one hardware offering - These are all I need.

For context:  I have a service for the vision impaired that has been on hold for 2 years now.  All the coming RSS enhancements sounded great but I just needed more speed. I even said please.



Paul Wheeler
Local Business Patriots / Email to my TV
mr.paulwheeler at Gmail
(Paul of Mo)
SignageStudio / Re: seamless switch between live TV and Video
« Last post by epic paul on Today at 10:59:33 AM »

I see you are having the same fun I have been having over the last week or so.   We are doing our 1st TV capture for a client and it has been a hoot.

1st - Get with Ron P in the live chat and he will walk you through changing the version of avermedia / and the DS release as well as adding commands, auto starts, and updating the NUC.  After many many many hours he has my TV capture working.
(Ron P is awesome!)

2nd - I bought the Media Box 200 directly from DS so it would be out of the box - turn key - plug and play - ready to go.
(see 1st comment)

3rd - The max screen resolution I am able to get out of avermedia is 420p - The only way to get HD is by using "HD-over-Coax" but no current cable / satellite TV service provides High Def Coax out anymore.  420p looks like crap on a 60 inch TV.
(I need a resolution for this issue if anyone has any ideas)

We have tried to switch from Live TV to customer content but the viewers do not like it as it interrupts the shows.  Even shrinking the TV window but leaving it running does not seem well received by the viewer.  I found a service that can do the switch when a TV commercial is detected and then switch back when the program resumes but it is $690.00 per month and is only 80% accurate.

Our solution is to create a screen division that is smaller than the actual TV with a nice customer logo as a full screen background.  There is a 3rd screen division for across the bottom for scrolling text.  The smaller screen makes the 420p image looks a little bit better. 

We have created software that intercepts an incoming email or text message and sends it to the TV - It is PIN / Key word protected and only approved persons can send messages to the TV.  Our clients love this - send a text and TV updates almost instantly - FUN!   If someone wants to use this feature get with me and we will work something out. Here is some info about my little company: http://script.digitalsignage.com/forum/index.php/topic,7395.msg20893.html#msg20893.  Scroll down to see current details and a nice article in Sixteen Nine about us.

If anyone has a solution for full HD TV capture I would be most grateful.

Paul Wheeler
Local Business Patriots / Email to my TV

Sorry for the confusion: I had to set up a new ID - I am still "Paul of MO" email me at mr.paulwheeler at gmail
SignageStudio / Re: World Weather and Days of the week
« Last post by admin on February 23, 2018, 09:07:01 AM »
we had to make the move to a new provider and so that data set is not identical
SignageStudio / Re: seamless switch between live TV and Video
« Last post by dozer223 on February 22, 2018, 08:06:31 AM »
Using a common channel allows it to continue playing but the 30 second advert will then only play in the background, you can hear the audio but the TV stays at the top.
I have it set up with AVer Media running on a 10 min common channel timeline
a second timeline with a local channel playing the 30 second advert
a 3rd common channel with 10 mins TV again switching to another local 30 second advert on a local channel.

Also does anyone know how to set AVer media to automatically open in full screen so I don't have the bezel showing?

Thanks in advance.
SignageStudio / Re: World Weather and Days of the week
« Last post by topangan on February 22, 2018, 08:04:28 AM »
I am going to jump in on this as well.  The world weather component does not have the same options as the old standard weather such as "weather conditions".  World weather only offers temperature and humidity, which is okay but not a complete weather forecast.  Customers love the weather screens (who knew?) so for me this is an important part of my business.  Thanks...
SignageStudio / Re: World Weather and Days of the week
« Last post by StarVue on February 22, 2018, 07:50:06 AM »
I am also having this issue.
Since the regular & very configurable "Weather" component has been DROPPED from the Studio....I am having a hard time making a GOOD looking Weather scene with the WorldWeather component. As stated by the previous post, what should be a simple configurable setting...I cant' get the FULL NAME of the day of the week.
As example: We only get SUN - Instead of SUNDAY.

Please advise, thanks.
Report bugs and errors / Re: Scene Background not working (Web Based Signage Studio Pro)
« Last post by maz on February 21, 2018, 06:21:46 AM »
But these dev effects are only added in web versions. These are not in Desktop Version. I don't understand if these effects are not working in web version then why these effects are added in the web version. I am using MAC ( Desktop Version 5.1.12) my web version is 6.0.80 ( which got new effects and it is not working)
SignageStudio / Re: seamless switch between live TV and Video
« Last post by admin on February 20, 2018, 09:21:19 AM »
be sure to use a common channel as it remains active and will not need to offload everytime
most of the new dev efforts will be on Desktop Pro version (and not Pro web version) so I do recommend you switch to Desktop Pro version.
So what is the status of this?  I am running Windows player 6.0.118 and I have this issue with overlapping.  I have a couiple of players still on 5.0.99 and they are fine 

In addition, I updatd tos Studio Pro to 6.0.118 and it broke my weather scene.

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