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Internet Of Things / Messaging to a webpage running in node webkit
« on: March 05, 2019, 07:03:14 AM »
Hi, I have a web page running in the webkit component on a common channel. I need it to respond to remote touch events. I fully control the web page, so I can put the message receiving code in it. Where might I find that code, and docs? Or said a different way, I have a web page running in node webkit as a separate process. Is there code available that can run in the web page to receive remote touch events?

Thx, Mike

New features and suggestions / RE: Browser component playing .mp4s
« on: December 05, 2018, 01:08:56 PM »

  My question is whether the nw.exe provided with SignagePlayer is "stock" (unmodified) or whether it has been modified to add features specific to Signage Player?

 The background:  in my application I need to use video.js to play an mp4 (h.264) - on WIndows.  This doesn't work with the nw.exe provided with the signageplayer - probably because the default nw.exe doesn't support proprietary codecs. I took the most recent nw.exe from nw.js and I updated the ffmpeg, so now I have an nw.exe that supports what I need. I replaced the nw.exe in the SignagePlayer directory, and everything "seems" to work properly. So if the nw.exe provided hasn't been modified I'm more likely to be successful. If various capabilities have been added into the nw.exe that comes with SignagePlayer, I'm unlikely to be successful. Thus my question:  is the nw.exe provided with SignagePlayer "stock" (i.e. same as comes from nw.js) or has it been modified to add features specific to SignagePlayer?

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