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Report bugs and errors / Re: Help.... i cannot stop the player
« on: December 06, 2009, 08:50:08 PM »
hi david

can u check my message i had posted before, in this topic
coz i already explained it



Report bugs and errors / Re: HTML Component Bug
« on: December 06, 2009, 08:40:21 PM »
mmm..... not sure for contact u tommorow

FYI : mytime is GMT + 7

and i can start online at 10.00 AM

so....can david manage at that time ????



Report bugs and errors / Re: Help.... i cannot stop the player
« on: December 06, 2009, 06:32:37 PM »
yupe... i know about click to anywhere to screen, it would back to mouse focus
but it didn't happen, even i made the viewer half of screen div.
and i already try different ways to get mouse focus(and i know that mouse to be invisible)

- open task manager using CTRL+ALT+DEL, and switch to player
- using ALT+TAB, to swicth between all app (if i only open more than 1 app)

and then press ESC to call the player, but it won't call anything,

so like i said before, i have to stop the player from task-manager, and kill it.
and it's not safe isn't it ?????

so ... it's bug, is there some way to solve this ?????



Report bugs and errors / Re: HTML Component Bug
« on: December 06, 2009, 06:19:04 PM »
okay, i know about embedded html

but why it's only happen on Player ver 1.6.x and later
coz it's not happen on player 1.5.x
my campaign work fine on 1.5 version.

so i think it's a bug, am i correct. ???
coz it's already a good feature, but it's missing on the newer version.



Report bugs and errors / Re: HTML Component Bug
« on: December 04, 2009, 03:14:45 AM »

if that your idea ...then it's not solve my problem.
coz i want to load SWF without embbeded on HTML

is there another solution ????



Report bugs and errors / Re: HTML Component Bug
« on: December 03, 2009, 09:25:12 PM »
yup,... you correct

why i'm using HTML component to load this swf, coz your external swf doesn't support for SWF that load another resourse, like SWF with XML Configuration file

and for the sample i put here, it's from your own site, that the SWF load many videos, but the videos not include to the swf

so .... what i must do ???



Report bugs and errors / Re: HTML Component Bug
« on: December 03, 2009, 03:12:47 AM »
Hi sean,

okay then.... i give u my login by email

on this player, i give u three block
first block; on left side is HTML page (using HTML Component)
second ; on top right side is swf  (using HTML Component)
third; on bottom right is rss (using RSS Component)

when i made the screen, i made all those block above as viewer and each viewer intersect the other one.

i already made some experiment;

First : change order one of the viewer to the bottom level of screen division
>>>> change order viewer that contain swf  (using HTML Component) as the bottom level

Second : change channel  order of the campaign
>>>> change order channel  that contain swf  (using HTML Component) as the bottom level

you will see, that even we change like above, it doesn't affect anything
you'll see, when you made channel or viewer that contains swf  (using HTML Component)
as the bottom level, it will display as the top level.

so what's the problem??

help me out please .................



Report bugs and errors / Re: Help.... i cannot stop the player
« on: December 02, 2009, 11:24:46 PM »
hi Alon

i didn't use campaign kiosk mode.
i'm using AMD Turion, and memory more than 2GB.
so it's fast enough(base my my opinion coz i dont find any trouble when playing player version 1.5.xxx)
so i think it's enough for playing digital signage without any trouble like lost event keyboard
and last, maybe cross in mind, it's memory leak ?? my answer nope
coz even i'm not running all my other app, it doesn't affect any.

so what's the problem ?? :-\

please help me



Report bugs and errors / Help.... i cannot stop the player
« on: December 02, 2009, 08:30:56 PM »
Hi ...

when start playing my signage player

i cannot stop the player, even i push "esc" many times

then i have to stop the player from task-manager, and kill it

it's not safe isn't it ???

what i have to do ????



Report bugs and errors / HTML Component Bug
« on: December 01, 2009, 11:21:50 PM »

I still curios waiting for you transition feature and loop playback function for video component as we spoken many months ago

but now since i use player 1.6 to the lastest version, i still find some bug that u need to resolve quick

this bug is about HTML component that we take from component.

let say, i make one screen division with 2 viewer, viewer A and viewer B,
for the position, viewer A below viewer B
Next, i make a campaign with two channel and then i put html component inside both of the channel.
on this, we say channel A(viewer A) and channel B(viewer B)
and then after we put html component, the url configuration must be modified to view my html resource.

for channel A, i put a html link, that direct to a SWF file
for channel B, i put a html link, that direct to a  HTML page(pure HTML)

after i put timeline to sequence, and save and upload this campaign
i try using the new one of signage player.
but when i play.....i got surprise with the result
all both channell have been load, but channel B view below channel A,
different with we have define on screen creator.

so please replied soon as posible



Report bugs and errors / capture webcam with sound
« on: September 16, 2009, 01:08:31 AM »

when i found the capture webcam component
i saw that your feature it's nice and can be applied to one of my signage player.
and i already tried to capture video from my own DVD video player
and it's done

but the question now ..........
how about the sound of the movie that i played on the video player
how i can hear the sound ...????

thanks david,

your tips it's great
now i can use the new studio and player



hi sean...

i got download failed for the past version you have ...maybe cause i have some bad connection here
so start that day, i use direct link that you suggest to us using this link :


and work properly to download the new version for studio,
and for player i change the file name to airplayer.air

but when you announce for the version 1.7 for mediasignage application ready to download,
i tried to download it, i still got version 1.6, even i tried to  download it many times using that link
can you help me ????

do you have another direct link for this ??? what i have to do to get the new version(1.7)



SignageStudio / Re: swf & flv looping
« on: August 02, 2009, 08:22:36 PM »
ok, thanks for your advise,

but i think to upload video files to your system it's one of my primary issue,
coz it's related to my client demand, there is limited access for their data sharing resource
so i have to deploy the video only from my side
which mean display the video that store inside my client server

i hope you and your team can solve this feature(auto rewind for external video) immediately.........



SignageStudio / Re: swf & flv looping
« on: July 29, 2009, 01:57:41 AM »
but how if i have external flv and i plug the flv file into studio using external video component
after that i want to set auto rewind on the player to mode ON.
cause so far i know, there is no ability for auto rewind for external video



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