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I'm not sure if this issue persisted in other versions.  I'm on version 5.1.12 running on Windows 10 Pro x64 build 1607 on a Surface Pro 4 with three monitors.
Here's a snip of the issue.  You can see that the last written date is cut off by the status bar at the bottom.

It's fine if viewed in the "resources" section, but when viewing in the "campaign" section to preview the specific block in the timeline this is what is shown.
I cannot clip more for viewing for privacy and copyright reasons (just covering myself).

I think the issue is that there are player controls at the top of the picture and they push the image down, but the image doesn't respect the boundaries of the status bar at the bottom.

I think that can be arranged.  I have TeamViewer on all of my signs and will get a hold of your support.  Should I reference this thread when talking to them?

Also I think I was too vague on the 'Avermedia stopped working' description.  It still loads, but then it doesn't load the analog TV as expected.
Instead it stays at the screen showing the options for TV, Radio, etc. and then goes to a black screen and displays a big "100" in the top right corner with a thick yellow underline.  But the "100" is only displayed once in a while, not every time it blacks out.

I recently updated the sign player on all my Windows 7 boxes running the AverMedia H873 USB capture cards.  They were running version 4.34.35 with air version according to StudioPro.
I have a scheduled task which updates them to the latest version of Adobe Air which is currently 22.x and they are confirmed to have that in Programs and Features.

AverMedia 1.7.9 stopped working after version 5.0.99 of the Sign Player was installed and the air version using StudioPro to upgrade them.
I first thought it was a Windows Update because that seemed to be another coinciding event, but after rollback of System Restore, it did not fix them.
What DID fix them was installing an archived copy of CloudSignageStudioSetup.exe version 4.32.37 overtop of the current version (no uninstall needed) which also changed the reported air version to as well.

I don't know if it's the air version that's the issue or the sign player version.

There is still an issue of the AverMedia not loading the TV image on first execution after reboot, but I have script that kills the player and avermedia, then reloads them which was not working with version 5.0.99.
If 5.0.99 is installed, then I have to manually log into the player, press back on AverMedia, then double-click TV to get it working.

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