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How are you able to get it to run for 24 hours?  I can't get it to loop my content even once.  It will play once through the campaign and then stop.  It will not repeat the campaign.

I recently got one of these little bad boys as it has hardware acceleration for flash, and supports 1080P.  Here is what I've found for issues with it, using the droid app currently available (Just downloaded a day or two ago from your website).

1. Due to the original design of this being used with a touch screen, and the MK802 being mouse driven, there is an issue with maintaining username/password field highlighted.  If you click on the username box to log into your player, then attempt to click on the on screen keyboard, it de-highlights the username field, so anything you click on the on screen keyboard is not inputted.  If you add a USB keyboard, you are able to fill in these spots, but after you select the username or password field, you must make sure your mouse cursor stays over the box.  If it drifts off the field, often times, it will de-highlight, and once again you can not type in the box.

2. Since the MK802 is in essence a droid phone but using a TV as your picture source, there are no physical home, return and volume buttons.  Because of this, the ICS software installed on these creates them on the TV screen for you to click on with the mouse.  When watching a video through youtube or what not, the video will overlay on top of those home buttons making them disappear.  The Media Signage app however will not overlay over it, so it leaves causes the content to be framed in by a border.  I've tried both in temp mode and in real mode.  Same results.

3. When the player finishes it's first run of the campaign, it does not loop back to the beginning and play over again.  Instead, it drops you to the desktop.  I believe it doesn't actually close the app, but merely minimizes it for some odd reason.

4. This one will probably be a lot harder to resolve, and may work the same on droid phones and tablets, but when making an update to a campaign it is viewing, or sending a reboot command to the player, it merely closes out of the app and does not reload, rendering the player dead until manual intervention takes place.

That's my list so far.  I have a feeling these little bad boys, especially after a revision or two, will make great content players.  They just need a few tweaks.

Let me know if you guys are aware of these issues and are working on some fixes for them, and if you guys have a game plan on a roll out.  Perhaps a different version dedicated to stand alone PC versions of Droid?

SignagePlayer / Re: Screen goes blank at random...
« on: February 09, 2011, 05:49:33 PM »
Just to try another idea, I added another 5 seconds or so of mouse movement to the script.  The players are slower than your initial spec (even though we aren't currently doing any video on them, and only still images and 1 news feed scroll bar).  They are dual core Atom's (I believe 1.6ghz) with 2 gigs of ram, running 8gb SSD drives.  I've got one running windows now, and so far that I've seen, it has yet to crash.  It's only these linux players that have given me issues, and as I said, they run typically 3-4 days, appear to reboot every evening at midnight, even though the program is set not to do so, and they seem to go into a blackout screensaver mode after the 3rd to 4th day that can be resolved by moving a mouse if you connect one to them.

The install is the base 10.0.4 install.  Nothing has been installed in addition to the base desktop install other than the needed applications (Adobe AIR, xautomation, and the signageplayer software).

SignagePlayer / Re: Screen goes blank at random...
« on: February 08, 2011, 05:11:47 PM »
I am aware of this bug.  As I stated in my very first post, I have xautomation installed and the script is in place, and when the system boots with no mouse connected, I do see the mouse arrow jump around the screen due to the script.

SignagePlayer / Re: Screen goes blank at random...
« on: February 08, 2011, 05:54:08 AM »
1. Yes
2. Power saving features are set to none.
3. Ubuntu 10.0.4
4. Kiosk mode is not enabled

SignagePlayer / Re: Screen goes blank at random...
« on: February 07, 2011, 06:51:30 PM »
I have numerous players.  All do the same thing.  Maybe it's just a mis-report on the media player manager.  The manager is what tells me that it was up and running for X amount of hours.  Perhaps after it hits midnight, it resets?

I'm also having the same problem with after 3-4 days of going, suddenly I find the screen it blank.  If I plug a mouse into it and move the mouse a little bit, suddenly the player comes back visible...

SignagePlayer / Re: Screen goes blank at random...
« on: February 04, 2011, 05:28:11 AM »
The system shows running time as 5 hours and 26 minutes, even though it's not set to reboot, and it was powered up last night.  This either means that the system only shows run time for the current day, or the system is sending a command to my player to reboot it at midnight every night.  Any clue why it would be rebooting my system when I have that function turned off?

SignagePlayer / Re: Screen goes blank at random...
« on: February 03, 2011, 04:54:03 PM »
Those have been double and triple checked.  No power management features, no screen savers, everything is off.  It seems to reboot still at midnight, even though it's set not to.  I am rebooting it today in case for some reason it's viewing old settings from when it was set to reboot every night at midnight.  I'll find out tomorrow AM if it rebooted.

SignagePlayer / Re: Screen goes blank at random...
« on: February 03, 2011, 05:28:11 AM »
I've got reboot every day turned off, but even so, it appears as though the player is rebooting every day at midnight.  Any thoughts as to why it's still doing that?  I haven't witnessed it rebooting, but I restarted the player a few days back, and with it being 5:30 am right now, it says the player has been running for 5 hours and 30 minutes...

SignagePlayer / Re: Screen goes blank at random...
« on: January 31, 2011, 05:10:22 PM »
I checked my settings and apparently it is auto-rebooting every day.. so I guess some days it's rebooting properly, and other days it is not.

I also noticed that when the system boots up, and the shell window pops up listing everything that's loading, I get an error message twice before it says "Run SignagePlayer" stating "No Process Found".  I don't know what those 2 processes are it's looking for, but I'm assuming I shouldn't be getting those errors, and perhaps that is part of the cause of my issues.

As I said previously, I do have xautomation installed, and when the system boots and starts loading the signage player without a mouse and keyboard plugged in, I see the mouse arrow jump around on the screen for a few seconds as your script is intended for, so I know that aspect is functioning.  For some reason however, I still get the "No Process Found" twice before it starts to run the rest of the steps.  Everything appears to work fine otherwise.  I'm wondering if maybe the mouse moving around should be done for a slight bit longer period of time.  Perhaps when the system boots, the mouse movements are only done barely long enough to fix the odd bug, and sometimes they seem to happen a fraction of a second faster than necessary to keep ubuntu happy, thus causing the power management to kick in again.

I'm disabling the reboot feature and checking to see if it works in the future.  Let me know if you have any ideas for the no process found errors.

SignagePlayer / Screen goes blank at random...
« on: January 30, 2011, 10:23:19 AM »
Running on linux, and I have one of my players sitting at my desk (home built) since it keeps happening in the field.  Initially, I thought the players were locking up, but I was wrong.  After approx 3 days or so (no exact set time, but it seems to be 2-4 day range), the screen will go blank.  I plugged a mouse and keyboard into it, clicked the mouse, and all of the sudden the screen came back.  The player was still running, but the screen had gone blank for some reason.

The system is running on Ubuntu version 10.04.  I have the xautomation script installed so that the mouse moves for the first few seconds when the player boots up, even though no mouse is plugged in, as a bug fix you guys released before to prevent the screen from going blank after 30 minutes or so.  All screen savers and power management features are disabled.  The HDD is a SSD, so it's not spinning down obviously.  We haven't made any updates to the player file either, so it didn't simply error on an update, at least manually sent, and we currently do not have any auto update scheduling configured.  This happens on any content we configure, and on every ubuntu player we have.

Any suggestions would be great!

I didn't run the command as bash, so it appeared that the command was successful, but it wasn't.  I've since run the command as bash, and it solved that problem.  I have one other problem however.

I set this same content player up like it would be at a client's location.  No keyboard or mouse plugged in.  Just plugged in a monitor, network cable, and power.  Turned it on, and left my computer monitor powered on.  Approx 10-20 minutes in, the content just stops playing.  Screensaver is disabled, and so is all power management features.  I ran it all night last night, and when I turned the monitor on this morning, it was fine.. but it ran with the keyboard and mouse plugged in.  Even though I didn't move the mouse or keyboard, the act of turning my monitor on may have triggered it to continue playing if it had paused.  This morning however, when I set it up as a standalone with no mouse and keyboard, it cuts out after it loops the content 1-2 times.  The content is currently 6 minutes long, but should loop indefinitely like it did from last night until now.

Any suggestions as to why it would stop playing if there is no keyboard and mouse plugged in?  I was told by support last night that it was a known bug in ubuntu 10.0.4, and that they fixed it by adding a script to the startup that moved the mouse arrow for 3 seconds.  I checked, and that script is already in place, yet hasn't resolved this problem.  Any help would be appreciated.

I did as you asked, deleted the folder (although I was unable to view the contents of root, but I was able to remove the folder you suggested using sudo).  Ran the program again, and same problem.  Do I need to delete that folder and then re-install the signage software?

Report bugs and errors / Player suddenly stopped and will no longer work
« on: December 21, 2010, 06:11:58 AM »
Linux Ubuntu 10.0.4

Player was running fine, then we ended up deleting the registration on the server side.  The player crashed from that deletion, and now every time it loads, the player window that allows you to start, pause, unregister etc.. shows up grey and it doesn't load any swf files.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the player.  I tried uninstalling the player and AdobeAIR and reinstalling both.  Same results all around.  I never get the opportunity to register or unregister it as it never runs the swf files that have the configuration settings in it.  Any suggestions?

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