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Title: rss_caching.xml
Post by: AndrewL on May 22, 2014, 08:25:41 AM
Hello MS,

I have been encountering some issues with custom rss feeds not showing previously cached images when the internet connection is lost potentially after a day or longer. If I lose connection during the day randomly but get connected the same day I do not lose caching - it seems to be a longer internet outage time cache loss.

I have done some testing by killing the internet connection, rebooting the player and not connecting upon start up and the rss items seem to continue to work fine off of the cache

What I have noticed however, is the file rss_caching.xml (located in the appdata - signageplayer - local store) has a very odd behaviour when or if being created.

For example:

So Im not entirely sure what is going on, if perhaps the code to create the rss_caching.xml file is getting hung up at some point which causes the long term caching loss, but that is my research into the problem - I hope this helps to diagnose the issues.


Title: Re: rss_caching.xml
Post by: AndrewL on May 31, 2014, 05:25:21 AM
Any confirmation that this has been added to a bug report?

RSS is important to us...
Title: Re: rss_caching.xml
Post by: vdmidia on July 02, 2014, 12:17:27 PM
Same happens here...

android should not also work without internet? I did a test here, to try to simulate what some customers are reporting, disconnected the router from the internet. then the wifi is connected but no internet.
The result was:
- Videos are freezing and losing frames;
- The images of the RSS that were being displayed (and were already in cache) are gone.  (think this a bug)  its very important to us too.
- Some clients report that even connected to the internet in some wifi networks the player does not start. changing the wi-fi network (taking the unit somewhere else) starts normally. (What can cause this behavior?)

Android 4.2.2 and 4.1tested... same thing heppens. (on 4.1 persist the "flash frame" between video transitions)
Title: Re: rss_caching.xml
Post by: vdmidia on July 03, 2014, 07:20:34 AM
Hummm. See the response i receive from MS:

rss feeds will go out without internet. only cache videos and images will remain

Well, that does not fulfill the purpose. And it was not so. Thus when there are intrnet campaigns with parts missing. All other software Digital Signage make this permanent cache, only exchange where the RSS is updated.

It would be very useful if well done, with caching RSS permanently, even when no internet.

Otherwise, the cache does not solve any probelma.
Title: Re: rss_caching.xml
Post by: AndrewL on July 03, 2014, 01:02:31 PM
Hey Vdmidia,

I had a good chat with their support after a post from admin on one of my other rss strings about how it will cache RSS. They put in a bug fix request and at first glance version 4.15.24 seems to have fixed the RSS feeds from instantly disappearing upon disconnection from the internet (windows 7). I will be doing some more testing for xp and android over the next week when I get a bit more time - but it looks like they are on the right track.

MS - could you share what you are up to between versions? 4.15.20 vs 4.15.24 for example... your last update to the live doc was in October of 2013!