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Title: Kiosk on mobile
Post by: 4R Graphics on March 19, 2014, 06:46:58 PM
I just watched the kiosk video again and I have a question with the player being on a mobile device.
I know that on my iPhone 4S and I believe all mobile devices if you touch and hold on the screen it opens up the window to start, stop the player.
Which well isn't good if your using mobile for a kiosk type thing.
Also when you setup kiosk you can input a password that well you can't actually input if the kiosk player is a mobile device.

So how do you get around these 2 issues?

I am just curiouse I don't have any real need for this other than using my iPhone or iPad to demo for a potential client. Most times I would think a pc or one of the players media signage sells would be used but good to know if I have a client need for a mobile kiosk.