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Title: Send output to another programs input?
Post by: 4R Graphics on June 25, 2013, 05:45:52 PM
I am wanting to know if it is possible to send the video output to another programs video input instead of to a monitor?

The reason I ask is we are doing projection mapping and I would like to be able to use media signage to push content to the projectors.

I know I can send content to projectors thats easy but often we project onto non flat canvases for example 3 walls at the same time from one projector or onto a custom shaped backdrop. I need to be able to use our projection mapping software to set the content onto the individual areas (which is what it does and does it well) but I want to be able to push new feeds through media signage software so i dont have to drive all over the state updating content on our projector jobs.

So is there a way to take the output from the signage player and send it to the video input of my projector mapping software?

The projector mapping software allows all kinds of inputs from cameras in real time, flash (and action script 3 capable) as well as videos, stills and a lot more.

I figured I could go video out through graphics card 1 to a video in card to live feed to the projector mapping software out through graphics card 2 to the projector but that seems like a lot of hassle and hardware and lots of room for bugs.

Any ideas would really like to beable to offer this to lots of different clients. As of now we do short runs of projector mapped ads and it is all setup with our equipment and then we come back a week or so later and take it away so its really just big events. I know if we could do this on a lower cost less man power, cheaper smaller projectors (ie push content etc after a set it and forget it type setup) I could get more people to go this route and no one intown could touch us.

Thanks for any input and sorry for the really long post by a newbie.
Title: Re: Send output to another programs input?
Post by: StarVue on June 25, 2013, 07:57:32 PM
This can be done, but I'm not sure the method you described would be possible.
It would depend on the mapping software's ability & your input "capture" card.
Are you using something like Christie's projection mapping software? or something like MadMap or Tortion Soft - Tortion Blend?

And most important are you on a MAC or PC?

Title: Re: Send output to another programs input?
Post by: 4R Graphics on June 25, 2013, 08:08:53 PM
I am on a pc and the mapping software is resolume 4 arena version.

Any help would be great I am pretty new to the mapping and digital signage stuff but I catch on pretty quick.

I could design what ever we are projecting on in Maya and I watched a youtube video about projector mapping with Aftereffects and a 3D object broughtt in but that seems like it would be more software work when adjusting the projector output through resolume is much quicker.

Any help is great thanks.
Title: Re: Send output to another programs input?
Post by: StarVue on June 26, 2013, 08:51:54 AM
What your attempting is really innovative, to be able to schedule & update the content remotely to your mapped surfaces.  8)
It would consist of a few PC's running in tandem, but I think it would work!!

Your Mapping software is capable of what I expected, so with the right hardware, capture cards & Media Signage it can be done. Just don't expect it to be a few $$$ dollars.  :o

I've been in Broadcast Video Production for over 20+yrs & also have an IT background.
I could definitely build a "RIG" that would do this for you.
If interested, maybe you could PM me and we can talk.
Title: Re: Send output to another programs input?
Post by: 4R Graphics on June 26, 2013, 01:43:51 PM
Thanks for the invite to build a rig.

However at this point its more of a can we do it and is it worth doing stage.

I would like to hear about the rig setup you are thinking of. Perhaps we could build a low scale version to test the capabilities in house and if it pans out we could go to a quality rig for future clients.

Please let me know how you think this could be done as I am open as you said this is innovative and has awesome potential.
Title: Re: Send output to another programs input?
Post by: StarVue on June 26, 2013, 07:45:57 PM
OK so here's the setup.
You need to have 1 dedicated Signage Player Per "slice" as needed for your composition. (These can be MediaDroids or beefier PC, but they will only need to play simple content full screen.)
You also need 1 PC for the Resolume Arena software to run on.
You will need as many capture cards in the "Resolume" PC as needed per the previously mentioned "Slices" (ex: 4 slices, 4 capture cards, 4 Media Players(Droids))
Each Signage player's output will feed each capture card's input on the "Rresolume" PC.
The Resolume Arena software is capable of selecting different capture-cards in the PC per layer on the timeline.

Setup your composition with the selected signage player as that slice's input, and start pushing content to each Signage Player.
That's pretty much as simple as I can explain it.
It's a lot of hardware, but all of that could fit into a small table top rack unit. (DJ sized box).