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So i asked my dev and he replied that he cant do anything becayse he does not have the binary code. Is there somewhere i can get that code?

If not, can you (admin) or anyone else on this forum tell me how to change the DS logo in the signage player for android and windows as well as the studio Pro?

It is funny that the website and all the video tutorials say that it is super easy and fully customizable.... I beg to differ....

the latest version of signage studio no longer shows digitalsignage logo nor company name and simply shows blank. it is only after you logged in the first time do you see logo and company or ours if its a free account.
Okay, thanks. But how can I change the default icon (the blue screen with the 3 blocks) to my own?

the player never had issue since it only use splash screen set in white label and this is immediately pulled when you register the player.
Same Question as above, how can I change the default icon when installing. Before starting the app. The icon that shows up on the desktop, or android device. It is the logo for Digital Signage, i need it to be my own

If the issue is you want it immediately right after installing, there is no solution to this unless you create your own installer
  How do i create my own installer? I asked my dev but he sais that it is an .exe file. He cannot change an .exe file. Do you have a solution for that?

Previous post:
"Can someone please guide me how to fix the following issue :

When I logged into Studio Pro for the first time I see the Digital Signage logo and text "Powered by DigitalSignage.com" , but after the first log in it shows my company logo . I raised this concern with the support department, they told me to use the HTML branding snippet in order to change the Digital Signage logo to appear in the first run. He also provided me new download links of Signage Player and Studio Pro .air versions.

I used the branding HTML snippet to download .air versions of Signage Player and Studio Pro . I have installed them but the problem is still there , Digital Signage logo appears in the first run .

What is the solution to fix this ?"

This is a post from 2 years ago and wasn't answered.

I am still having trouble with this same issue. I need to give let customers download studio pro and the signage player so they can use it. But is has to hold my branding from the download and 1st login. Including our logo and the icon when extracted from the .exe file. The HTML snippet given in the enterprise account does not work because the devs are working on something else because flash is nearing the end of its life.

Can admin, devs or anyone tell me EXACTLY what to do to get the full branding of Studio Pro and the Signage Player that includes our logo and the icon instead of the Digital Signage Logo. So the first login is immediately our logo, not after the first login.

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