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I have used the dropbox link to be able to email content directly to the clients TV's and would like to do the same for scrolling text.

Ideally would be able to sent a simple text message and have it populate the scrolling text on the campaign.

Any out of the box ideas?



The ability to have the player reset / clear memory every few hours would be very useful.  Even with everything correct there are still lock ups that watchdog does not catch.  Looks like you may have had it in the past.

I have resorted to outlet timers in some places to shut down the power and restart it but that is not the greatest work around.


Local Business Patriots

It runs fine on my windows PC.

I just reloaded it as an MP4 and it does not play at all on my cell phone.  The client location is 45 min away but the screen capture seems to show it is not playing as an MP4 there also.

I have changed the frame rate to 30 - that is what is recommended on the MK808B that is running on the clients TV.  After that change it still locks up on my phone.

Thanks so much for the reply.

- Paul

I have one client with a weather RSS feed at the top and an embedded RSS feed at the bottom.  In the middle is a single flv video that loops.  This video is freezing about 5 times per hour.  Total size less than .5 gig.

The RSS feeds keep running after the flv video locks up.  The player is also going back to the andriod start up screen at times. 

I have switched out media sticks and still have the same problems at the clients location.  1g/8g Andriod 4.2.2 and 4.4.2.  I have it running on my cell phone and it does the same thing so it is not a issue at the clients location.

I have cleared the memory, deleted and reloaded the resources in the presentation, played with the reboot specs, lowered the quality, all to no resolution.

Any ideas on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Wheeler
Local Business Patriots


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