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Yes - this is about our company.  We are having fun with this.

Update!  Our clients can now text message pictures and scrolling text messages directly to their displays. This is in addition to being able to email content directly to the DS campaign.


Text Slideshow and the attached picture becomes part of the screen division displaying pictures.

Text Background and the attached picture becomes the full screen background.

Text Scroll and then the remainder of the text message displays as a horizontal RSS feed across the top of the display.

The time from sending the text message to the time it is seen on the TV is about 4 minutes.

We can use any number of trigger words to send content to any number of screen divisions.  There is no 3rd party software needed like Zapier or IFTTT.  It all works through email and DS.

You can even set the number of items retained in a screen division so older content is pushed out by new content - keeps the message fresh with no need to delete anything.  From 1 image to thousands - what ever works for your client.

I am still looking to work with another DS provider to see if we can push this feature out across a wider area.  I can set up the service and send you the email / text address along with the google drive token and you can take it from there.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Paul of MO

Zapier has limited the size of RSS feeds so this does not work anymore.

I had to write my own script to create an RSS feed directly from a gmail.  I have been burned so many time by free software that is not free or changes after I start using it.

Just a heads up.

- Paul


"This script forwards the email and removes all forwarding information.  It is indispensable for those who use Zapier or IFTTT to create RSS feeds."

We now create the rss feed directly from the gmail.  You no longer need to use any 3rd party software.  There is no longer a limit as to how many times my clients can update their scrolling text message. 

They put the word scroll in the subject line and simply type what they want to send to their TV. 

(Some of us got burned when Zapier limited some of the features provided in their "Free" service so being able to do this is comforting.)


- Paul 

Still Looking for enterprise re sellers to partner with.   

This is working for me locally - Small business owners like the simplicity and the set up is easy.  It is selling and it is well received.


I am now working with a local small business that is repairing / refurbishing cell phones, PC'c, and flat screen TV's.  We have a demo system up and running in his store.  Visitors can send emails right from their phones and see it change on the TV.

This is the process:

Customers purchases gmail connected signage product including a low cost refurbished TV from my vendor.

My vendor sets up a gmail account for the client using the clients phone number for verification.

The customer can now start sending content to the gmail account using the trigger words in the subject line.

I install the software connected to the account and generate the token.

I create a new account in DS using a template user and the copy command and enter the token and folder info.

I check that the customer has correctly sent some pictures and text and that the campaign looks good.

A visit is made to the clients location to install the player and to log it in to the DS account.

Customers content starts playing and we make any adjustments and answer any questions they may have.  We always ask for a referral.


What I want to do:

You sell it and set up the gmail.  Send me the information.

I do the labor to install the software and send you the Drive token number - you set up the DS account as usual  and take it from there.

I can set up any number of gmail connected screen divisions to meet the style of signage that you sell.

Once up and running there is very little needed on your part to manage the account.

You now have a feature that no other digital signage provider has.

Nothing has to be shipped to you as it runs on the players that you are already selling. 

Please - someone in the Midwest call me and we will have some fun with this.


Paul Wheeler
Local Business Patriots
Augusta MO - 63332

Fellow DS Re-sellers,

We have launched this locally and it works.  Gmail content to any screen division and control the number of items in that division - works from a single simple gmail.

I just set up the showroom display for a custom deck builder. He has a TV displaying his latest project.  We gave it a gmail address and set the item count to 10.  When he is done with his latest $30,000 deck he simply attaches the 10 best pictures of it to the gmail and sends it. 

The old 10 go away and the new 10 display.  All from one email.

I have also sold several as an alternative to the expensive and ugly signtronix type led scrolling displays.  The top of the TV is the scroll and it can be updated by email.

I want to partner with someone to see if we can scale this up across a wider area.

I am in Missouri and have done this now in 12 local communities - We have even expanded into eastern Illinois. 

Contact me and we can talk.

Paul Wheeler
Local Business Patriots / Email2myTV

I have created a few custom apps that greatly simplify the management of DS campaigns.

This is more than a collection of apps – it has fundamentally changed the way I sell and the way my clients perceive digital signage.

Program 1 – Forwards a Gmail to any other email address.

This script forwards the email and removes all forwarding information.  It is indispensable for those who use Zapier or IFTTT to create RSS feeds.  See update below!

You or your client can update a scrolling text message simply by sending an email.  The scroll will be updated within minutes and can be changed as many as 100 times per month. 

This application is PIN number protected so there are no authorized scrolls appearing on your clients TV’s

Program 2 – Sends any received Gmail attachments to a specific Google Drive Folder.  This is also controlled by a PIN number.

This script additionally allows the maximum number of items retained in that folder to be set as a specification.


An Email tagged “Background” will send the attached images to the google drive folder that contains your campaigns background image.  If the maximum number of items in that folder is set to 1 then the new image just replaces the old image.  This folder will always contain a single item.

An Email tagged “Slideshow” can send all the attached images in that email to the Drive folder that you choose.  If the number of folder items is set to 10 then then newest items automatically replaces the oldest items.  This folder will always contain the 10 newest items.

This script deletes the items permanently so the “trash” folder is always emptied.

There is no limit to the number of timelines and screen divisions that can be controlled by sending an email.

One copy of this app is need for each Google Drive Folder that you wish to control.

Program 3 – Send a Gmail attachment to a specific Drive file but these attachments will not be included in the maximum item count for that folder and do not auto delete.   We call this “The Keepers”
All of these apps work from a SINGLE Simple Gmail account.   One email address – simple as that

Once launched these tools work automatically in the background.

I wish to test these items with an established DS reseller who is very comfortable with the use of Google Drive Scenes.
I will provide best practices and every process step needed to implement these tools.
I tell a prospective client - “If you can send an email you already know how to do this” Simple as that.
I have over 3 years of development in the creation of these tools and processes.

I have reserved the intellectual property rights to these programs and have taken other steps to protect my efforts and ultimately wish to allow others to use these tools.
It should be possible to provide you a complete product, including your DS Drive Token, ready to connect to your Google Drive Scenes.

You will not have any new software to learn.  If you can send an email you already know how to do this.

My goal is to determine the level of effort needed by me to set this up for someone else in the real world.

Currently I can incorporate these tools into an existing user’s campaign in an hour.
All I asked is that you agree to protect my efforts.
Give me your input and ask any questions that you may have.

Give me an idea what would be fair and what method would work best to charge for this service.
I wish I could just share it but it has been a long and expensive road to get to this point.
These tools will work on any Google Drive enabled Digital Signage Product.
Thanks to all

Paul Wheeler
Local Business Patriots

New features and suggestions / Re: Scroll Speed increase
« on: April 05, 2017, 05:12:56 PM »
Do we have a resolution to the scroll speed issue?  I would love to roll out more services for the vision impaired.

We need 15 inch tall letters scrolling quickly across the TV screen.  Simple as that.



My mistake!  I had the google drive scene set to play a slide show even though it only had one image.   Unchecked the box and the Label overlay suggestion worked very nicely.

I owe someone dinner!

- Paul

Thanks!  I thought it would work but it unfortunately it does the same thing.  Every 5 seconds this solution flashes.  It would be nice if there was a time setting for this.

I think the issue with this is that the label overlay is not directly attached to the Google Drive Image that is under it.

The screen division containing the jpg over the google drive screen seems to flicker less than the label option. 

I know there has to be a way to make google drive images become faded.

Any suggestions?

Did that and Ron was incredible!  Yes - it was confirmed that the common tab sliders do not work on a Drive based screen.  There are 3 separate common tab sliders and none of them do anything in this situation.

If this could be fixed it would be appreciated.

His solution was to add a screen division over the google drive screen division - upload a solid black png to it and then use the common tab slider to control how opaque it is.

That worked but I have one remaining issue -  Doing this actually creates a 5 second SWF so every 5 seconds the image on the screen flickers.

The google drive file has only one image in it and it has to be that way for what we are doing.  Simply uploading a background item as a jpg is not an option.

If anyone can think of a resolution I will buy dinner!

- Paul

I have a scene that pulls images from google drive to a screen division.  We use this division as a background.

In the common tab I want to use the slider to "fade" the image - But it simply does not do anything.

Before - we would use a jpg resource and use the slider on the common tab to fade it and  it worked perfect.

Many times the image pulled from google drive is simply to overpowering to be used a background and needs to be calmed down.  Can this be fixed?


Paul of MO

"update all stations with changes"

I can not find info on this feature - I live chatted a while back asking if there was a way to restart all of my clients at once and was told no.

Looks like it is possible - thanks and please direct me to how to make this work.

in a perfect world I could restart all of my clients on a time based schedule.

- Paul

The digital signage players do not read the picture orientation tag on drop box items.  Even though they look correct in DB they can be sideways or even upside down when displayed as part of the signage presentations. 

Support says to download the pic from dropbox / delete the pic from dropbox / use third party software to read the tag and rotate the picture /  and then re-upload the pic back into dropbox.  (Yuck)

Can we please make DS read the tag and display the pic correctly.  This feature has been part of every picture viewer and OS system for over a decade now so I hope that it should not be difficult to make it work in DS.

I have over 100 accounts with nearly 700 users using dropbox to store content so this is not trivial. 


Paul of MO

New features and suggestions / Re: Scroll Speed increase
« on: January 03, 2017, 11:16:13 AM »
Happy New Year to all!

So - what is the status on an increase in horizontal scrolling speed and an increase in font size?

I have nearly 50 potential clients waiting on this enhancement so PLEASE.........................


Paul of Mo

New features and suggestions / Re: Scroll Speed increase
« on: November 04, 2016, 03:32:15 PM »
It is near the end of 2016.  Do we have an update on increasing scroll speed and font size?


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