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Report bugs and errors / Checking Internet Connection Android
« on: December 10, 2017, 12:21:45 PM »
The presentation will not start if a device is connected to a router that does not have internet (mobile hub, special permission corporate setup etc.). Need to make it so the presentation plays while it does these constant checks in the background.

Sorry about that, when I said screenshot I meant make a thumbnail of the image that was uploaded :)

New features and suggestions / Re: Rich Text Label Colouring Option
« on: August 22, 2016, 10:09:38 AM »
Nice, thanks for the tip and I look forward to the next release!  :)

New features and suggestions / Re: Random Playback Collection Custom RSS
« on: August 22, 2016, 10:08:31 AM »
That is a good work around, but it can get messy having multiple timelines loaded with content, some being duplicate. Especially when you need to take down an ad that could exist on multiple timelines you will need to look carefully and hope not to miss it.

The most efficient way to manage the campaign is to have 1 timeline but have randomly picked scenes mixed in.

Scenario: Load enterprise studio, go to businesses - users, load customer account, add resource, do screenshot, pops up screenshot window back in enterprise studio, signage studio crashes.. resource is 15 seconds long

Happens windows 7 and windows 10


New features and suggestions / Rich Text Label Colouring Option
« on: July 29, 2016, 12:33:03 PM »
When you use white text in the rich text box, you cannot see the text in the label properties window as the background is in white. Please add something like a toggle that shows you your real colours and one that converts the label to black and white for editing purposes.

New features and suggestions / Random Playback Collection Custom RSS
« on: July 29, 2016, 12:17:29 PM »
Problem: Clients want to be able to have many text scenes like did you knows, trivia, but do not want to load a timeline with multiple created scenes trying to squeeze them in between the regular content. This also causes the presentation to be predictable which does not entice viewers to keep watching.

The easiest way to automate this would be to use Custom RSS with embedded option for them to add their messages but it has to have a randomize checkbox

Ideal playlist: Welcome Screen - Service 1 - Random Fun Fact - Service 2 - Weather - Service 3 - Random Fun Fact etc.

The only way that I can accomplish this, that I know of, is to use a 3rd party rss source and then use the Media RSS component which only has random playback. But I don't want to have to direct outside of the signage studio as that is not customer friendly.

Please help! <-- long time MediaSignage Enterprise Customer (since 2011)

Great to hear on the random. About the vertical align, I am sorry I meant for text. So it has centre, but if you could add vertical centre that would be great, especially for RSS where text changes. Would look much better if text was vertical aligned.

Thanks for getting back.

MS has definitely come a long way in the last several years and we are pleased. Being able to nest scenes was particularly one of our happiest moments :)

We would like to see the following further developed:

1. Automatic re-sizing of images or improved image displaying. If images are not sized exactly to fit the quadrant or screen, the images become vastly distorted making an HD image look pretty bad. The average person has no idea how to re-size images themselves and really do not want to be bothered with it. This will also help with displaying images from all components as even loading images in dropbox for example should be re-sized prior to putting in the folder.

2. (Most Important) Add a random playback option in the Collection component. Sometimes we have several videos on one topic that we would like to randomly select and play each time it comes up in the loop. This is to avoid the playlist from getting too dominated by one topic. This also works in advertising when a client would like to rotate between 4 ads, but is only paying for 1 spot in the loop. I know you will say MediaAdnet is coming out, but if you just add a checkbox for random playback while the collection is set to slideshow that will do the trick.

3. Vertical center alignment option, especially with custom RSS.

Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

I did some further testing to see if it was because my MD5 32 character image titles were too long. I shortened it to 22 characters but still plus symbols were added to some during the caching and renaming.

I also have a Screenfeed account for picture image entertainment and it is also renaming their images with plus signs causing blank spots in the presentation. Please - high priority review this.

I was advised in live chat to put this as a forum post.

I have an MRSS feed that I use for the Custom RSS Player and found that 20% of my images were not showing up in the studio or player. Upon further inspection I found that the studio would cache my images but would rename them adding a '+' symbol to some of them. Each image that had a plus symbol added to it would show up as a blank broken image in the studio and player.

So to make this very clear:

my image is named: a.png
When the software downloads and caches it, it calls it: a+n.png

Real life example:
Mine: 390be73797e885a250394b7d12ad1fb3.png
Theirs: BHIEfgQsBMUERgQuA9AERgP7A+I.png

All images are renamed, which is fine, but the ones that are renamed with a plus symbol do not play. Please fix ASAP!

New features and suggestions / Re: random playback
« on: May 04, 2015, 04:37:59 AM »
Hmm, that is an interesting idea.

Can one of the moderator / admins move my post to the new feature suggestion forum area? I think that they should add random playback as an option to the collection component or allow the creation of an internal mrss setup that can be figured in the studio and doesn't rely on the internet connection for this to be a true feature.

Thanks guys.

New features and suggestions / random playback
« on: May 02, 2015, 04:49:05 PM »
I have a customer that wants me to rotate between 4 adverts in the ad spot they purchased. I don't want to put all the ads in my 15 min timeline because they didn't buy 4 spaces so the best that I can figure is put something like the collection component in a spot and load it with the 4 spots hoping for it to randomly select one of the 4 ads every time it came up in the rotation, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it has random playback. I can't trust mrss either because if the internet drops, it isn't guaranteed to play. Anyone have a suggestion for my delema?

New features and suggestions / Re: Please Support Windows XP
« on: March 18, 2015, 08:18:56 PM »
I appreciate your information and i recognize that this is the con of cloud software while having static hardware and OS.. It upgrades whether you are ready or not  - but I still don't think it is appropriate to discontinue supporting an OS with zero notice. I have upgraded each of my players, manually, and now I have to go back and put them back because MS forgot to say something. I think giving a 6 month minimum period is sufficient for a company to migrate systems.

On the plus I am very happy with the hardware demands as they have continuously come down from heavy processors to standard everyday computer requirements. I am also very happy with the support team and the fact that they are always available to chat.

Ultimately this is a lesson learned the hard way and hopefully MS learns from this error and gives notice to its paying customers - which by the way the website still says supports all Windows OS...

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