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I wanted to use a common channel on Android. But whenever it is shown in one timeline, it also shows on every other timeline on top of the content of this timeline.
The common channel is only assigned to the first timeline, so it should not display on all the other timelines.

SignageStudio / Signage Studio on MAC
« on: November 18, 2014, 05:47:06 AM »
Hello all,

A customer of mine wants to use the signage studio on his MACbook. But he experiences some issues like not being able to upload resources. I don't use apple products, so I'm unable to test this. Does anyone else experience issues on MAC or knows how to solve it?

I get this error: ERROR: 22008: date/time field value out of range: "11/31/2014 12:00 AM"
It occures when I try to save, making the Lite unusable at this time...

Open source Digital Signage / I cannot get the RSS feed to scoll
« on: October 24, 2014, 01:55:44 AM »
Somebody else have problems with the RSS feed? I can't get it to scroll. It does show some information though. MRSS is also working fine.

Edit: This problem occures when I changed speed from slow to medium or fast. Whenever I change speed it just doesn't scroll anymore. A new added RSS scrolls veeeeryyyyy slow, so I want to speed up the scrolling speed.

SignageStudio / Why does a username have to be an email?
« on: October 23, 2014, 10:17:29 AM »
Why does a username when adding a new account has to be an email?

New features and suggestions / Create empty account
« on: October 23, 2014, 10:02:09 AM »
It would be nice to be able to create an empty account (both lite and pro).

I am trying to add a new account. Before I was able to choose 'add new account from sample'. This function doesn't work anymore. How can I make new Lite and Pro accounts using the enterprise dashboard?

It seems this doesn't work if login online. At the offline version (which I usually use) it works fine!

I have some html content that doesn't play well in the standard HTML component.
It plays perfectly in Chrome though. On Windows players I can just use the external app compontent to load chrome in kiosk mode playing the content, easy and it works.

But... on Android Chrome is also a powerfull HTML player, a lot more powerfull than the native one. Since your videos tell me it uses the native browser I hoped that setting the Chrome browser as a default would do the trick. Unfortunately it doesn't. So... perhaps it's a nice idea to use Chrome as the HTML component player?

I installed the 1.1.40 dev-build on my webserver. Unfortunately I am unable to choose a different language. Besides, if I change the text in the file local-en.json it doesn't change any text in the studio lite (removed cache etc.). In earlier versions there were also more languages available in the _lang folder.

How can I make the studio lite use the json files in the _lang folder?

I use recurring payments wiht paypal to pay for my enterprise account. Though, every month I get 'un-enterprised'. Today it happens again. Whenever I try to login using my enterprise account (to get to the whitelabeling etc.) it tells me: To activate your account please enter the contact and billing information. The paypal account always have enough money on it for the recurring payment. I just received email that the payment is confirmed, but I still can't login. This is very, very annoying.

Since the lite version hit V1 I am trying to build some digital signage with it. First of all I have to say that it has become A LOT better and it is looking very, very promising!

Though, I encounter a problem, I don't know of it's me doing something wrong or if it's a bug. I have made a campain and gave it a name. After that, I select this campaign to play on an android player, which is seen in the stations tab. After that, I select 'save and restart stations'. The android player (software) shuts down, so the standard signagecontroller background is visible. After a while, the signage controller restarts the player, but it still has no campaign set to it. It also has output: none (could this cause the problem?). Whenever I just hit 'save' it also doesn't work. I can't figure out where I can set the output (I know I might be able to do this when I log in into the pro version, but obviously I would like to do everything with the lite version ;D)

Another thing I noticed is that I am unable to go back to the campaigns menu where all my campaigns are shown whenever I am inside a campaign to edit it (do I overlook a 'back' button?).

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

I am playing 3 different timelines on a droid atm v4.15.19. The content is playing flawlessly, but whenever it switches to another timeline it shows a black screen for a split second. This is looking very unprofessional and buggy. If a video is played, it will show the first or last frame of that video instead of a black screen. This screen is always in fullscreen, even if the video is not played in fullscreen. Enable or disable transitions does not fix the issue. Besides I am not using any transitions (new feature).

It is similar with the collection component. Just simple png files in a collection component set as a slideshow also 'blink' in and out everytime it switches from png.

I am not sure what causes this, but I am pretty sure it is not caused by content that is too heavy or played in wrong resolutions. My output resolution is 1280x720 and other content is playing in native resolutions, so the player is not having a hard time playing content.

Does somebody have a solution for this or able to troubleshoot this with me. It would be nice to have these 'flickering' pictures and content fixed.

Thanks in advance! :D

I am using a collection component to just fill a part of my screen with a slideshow of PNG files. The amount of PNG files will differ, so the time it takes to show all the files will differ too. I am unable to make the timeline stop whenever the slideshow reached its end. I am aware that the channel settings do not apply for the collection component (the random order applies on the channel, not the items in the component). But, whenever I unclick the 'respect content length', shouldn't the timeline notice it when the collection component reached its last item, forcing to play the next timeline? I haven't found anything about this on the forum or in the video's.

Report bugs and errors / Studio Pro freezes when using transitions
« on: May 28, 2014, 02:29:24 AM »
Hello everbody,

Whenever I add a pool in the transition editor (all default settings) the Studio Pro freezes. Does anyone else encounter this problem or is it just me? I am using the offline version on my desktop. Also the enterprise login field will freeze (I always login with my enterprise user account, than login to my account by choosing 'open studio').

SignagePlayer / Android not longer working stable after update 4.15
« on: May 27, 2014, 06:35:07 AM »
I am experiencing some stability issues on my android player after updating to version 4.15. I have a campain running 2 timelines (the campain worked flawlessly on 4.12). The timelines both contain the same png background, a collection component containing png's and a tickertape. The first timeline also contains a weather player. In the second timeline everything is the same, but besides the weather player there is a small html player (for google agenda).

This is my problem: the player plays the first timeline (1 minute) flawlessly, just like on the previous version 4.12. But when it will play the next timeline, containing the HTML, it will only show the background png and the html content. So the collection component stops working, the weather player stops working and the tickertape stops working. After the player 'finishes' this timeline, it goes back to the first timeline. But this time only the background will be played from now on. On the second timeline the background and HTML player is played, but nothing else.

Trying to make a 'snapshot' also fails and causes the studio pro to freeze.

Excuse me for posting this topic in the wrong section  ::) I see now I haven't posted it in the Bugs & errors section of the forum.

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