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New features and suggestions / Re-ordering/organising the list of timelines
« on: December 12, 2013, 03:55:53 AM »
Hi, we have a campaign with approx. 15+ timelines (mostly assigned to different outputs). What would be great is if there was a way to do-order/group/organise the list of timelines in the editor to make things a little easier to manage.

Sorry if this is a duplicate topic (and feel free to point us to an existing discussion if this has been bought up) – we did a quick search for this feature request but could't find anything initially.

New features and suggestions / Feature: Multiple Sequences
« on: November 21, 2013, 09:24:33 AM »
Just thought I'd throw this into the can as it's something that's arisen internally from a conversation/likely scenario that will arise for us shortly.

We are running campaigns on a number of screens (many use the same campaign) – these are utilising the sequence feature. Screens are naturally assigned a campaign and play by the schedule as expected. But what, for instance if we wanted to A/B alternative content (timelines) in a selected number of locations (perhaps a different offer, running a certain promo at different times of the day etc.). Having the ability to create multiple sequences for a campaign and assign different screens with different sequences could open up some nice opportunities.

This would also offer the advantage of being able to create one campaign (read: managing one group of timelines and their content) and tweak what timelines run on different screens. Say for example we have a location with a specific event coming up that we wish to promote, we could temporarily assign a specially created sequence for that screen.

I know this would mean that you would have to assign a station with a campaign and also a sequence, but it would create some nice opportunities for trialing campaigns in certain locations.

Or... is anyone else out there managing to achieve this without duplicating campaigns – is there something we've missed?


Report bugs and errors / Auto Rewind for video objects
« on: November 20, 2013, 08:40:38 AM »
I'm not sure the extent of this, but I know it certainly affects mediaDROID users. When Auto Rewind is enabled for video objects it causes playback to misbehave (i.e. videos not sized correctly, playing strange ect.)

In the instances when we've had video playback issues, support's response has been 'disable Auto Rewind' – which always fixes it :)

Could this state be disabled by default, or there be a timeline/global preference?


Report bugs and errors / Events not copied when timline is duplicated
« on: November 20, 2013, 08:36:00 AM »
We've found that events are not copied when a timline is duplicated. In some instances we have a series of timelines configured for Remote Touch and the main timeline content/scheduling is unique. Having to manually set up events for each duplicate timeline can take some time to configure and test, but also introduces the likelihood of human error – i.e. either an author forgetting to add events or making a typo.

Is there a reason why events can not/should not be copied – or could events be duplicated with timelines please?

Thanks MB

This sounds a minor thing (and could probably be fixed fairly easily) – but this has been a bit of a pain point (time consumer) when adding many videos into our resource area.

Currently the Total time has to be set as total number of seconds e.g two minutes and 34 seconds as 154. So each time we add a video resource need to manually calculate the total length in seconds. That said, when we import a resource onto a timeline/channel, things are displayed/adjustable in a (much easier) human readable format i.e 2:34:00

Are you able to update the resource area so we can set default content length in a HH:MM:SS format? Or even read/extract the video duration from the file itself?


Do the mediaDROIDs or the Signage Player software have the ability to download (pre-fetch) content in the background? If we have a major content update we encounter the following issues which aren't very customer (end viewer) friendly:

issue #1/ The signage player displays loading bars for the content that hasn't been cached. Download could take longer than the media item length (perception is that it's skipped).
issue #2/ When video content is downloading (lets call this media element #1) and IF the next timeline element trips in and plays (lets call this media element #2), media element #1 plays once the download completes (you are viewing media element #2 but can hear the audio of media element #1). This corrects itself when the timeline loops/restarts, but is especially odd if media element #2 is also a video.

Not so much of an issue in locations where the player isn't running 24/7 (i.e. we can  power on 30 mins before store opening in order to update) but it is more of an issue where the player is visible 24/7 e.g a shop window.

Studio (Legacy / SignStudio) / Countdown pause/resume
« on: November 04, 2013, 07:20:26 AM »
Is there a way through the sendCommand API to send a pause/resume command?

Setting the countdown (duration or a date/timestamp) would also be very useful.

In order to turn the Digital Sigange player into a fully functional Scoreboard system, I'd see it as quite an important feature to be able to set/pause/resume the timer with the JS API.

Studio (Legacy / SignStudio) / Events across all timelines are missing
« on: October 28, 2013, 03:47:27 AM »
Hi, we've noticed in SignageStudio that all of the events we've created are missing from every one of our timelines. This 'change' has also populated to each of our screens. We rely on events heavily for the RemoteTouch feature, so this has rendered all of our interactive screens inoperable. Quite a serious issue IMHO, especially as a reseller relying on a stable code base for their income.

Speaking with tech support, we were advised that it may be possible for DS to perform a restore of this data only if we hadn't made any other changes, which by the time we had noticed the data loss, we had already changed/pushed some timeline data. The only option we were given was to manually re-enter all of the events (which we've since done over the weekend).

Could someone from DS verify if this is an isolated incidence (maybe this data wasn't migrated to the Amazon EC2 upgrade). Otherwise, this serves as  a heads up to anyone heavily relying on events/RemoteTouch to check them in Signage Studio and maybe verify that your screens are handling events as expected.


Sounds like a minor detail, but when syncronising (uploading) files to the cloud, SignageStudio editing is disabled until the upload completes. Some sort of background upload feature would allow a user to continue working on a timeline (or alternative campaigns) whilst the background upload completes. A short video upload may lock out editing for 10-15 minutes – and I can only drink so many cups of coffee in a day :)

Alternatively, FTP access or a standalone web-uploader would be cool. I'm assuming that media items are catalogued in the database when uplaoded, so FTP may pose some technical issues.

p.s. +1 my vote for a more intuitive way of organising of media items (and retaining the current filter/folder whilst navigating between timelines/screen types etc.)

Hi all,

I thought I'd share my initial experiences using and user-testing the new RemoteTouch feature. Generally I see a lot of potential with RemoteTouch. Functionality wise, I found it a breeze to implement and already have a custom HTML page with the JavaScript API plugged in. Phone and screen are talking (yay). Some documentation for the API (as well as any other methods available) would be great.

Note: this isn't a criticism at the RemoteTouch dev team in any way – I understand this feature is still in development and it will continue evolve. Simply – here's a usage scenario I have, and some issues I've faced.

SignageStudio Campaign Setup:
1. My main timeline (i.e the the non RemoteTouch state)
2. Welcome to RemoteTouch timeline (1 minute duration, set to Auto Resume - this is my 'time out' should the customer walk away without exiting their RemoteTouch session on their phone) [Essential IMO]
3. A selection of timelines (for my demo, this is a range of product videos the customer can select from)

Real world usage (with all timelines set to auto resume)
1. Customer scans the QR code and activates our 'welcome screen' – a custom web page loads in their browser with the option to select from a range of videos (each one of these buttons triggers the sendRemoteTouch function as per the tutorial video).

2. The customer watches the product video, it finishes and the main timeline resumes as expected.

[Issue] The customer's session has automatically expired (unbeknownst to them) and tries to click another video. The UI doesn't respond. In this situation, the user is expected to scan a new QR code to start another RT session. By this stage, they have lost interest/have not realised this and walked away.

Alternatively, we could set our timelines to manual resume:
1. As before, the customer scans the QR code and activates our 'welcome screen' – a custom web page loads with our buttons, etc.

2. The customer watches the product video, enjoys it but walks away from the screen (note: the timeline is set to manually resume).

[Issue] The screen is 'locked in' its RemoteTouch state. As we're relying on the user to manually trigger the 'Resume Presentation' event, this scenario has frequently occurred in real life testing.

[Potential fix/solution] To supplement the auto resume/manual resume option – how about a the ability to select a timeline to resume to – e.g. go back to our welcome message. This would allow us to give feedback to the user (select another video) and by setting Auto Resume on this timeline, we could effectively create our own 'time out' by setting the timeline duration.

[Interim workaround] I'm extending each timeline beyond the desired length (by 1 minute) and using a Common Channel (so I don't have to duplicate content) to display a consistent 'Select another video' message. Each timeline will auto-resume. By doing this I've effectively added a window of opportunity for the user to retain control of the screen. Not ideal, but it works.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Other experiences/issues we've encountered.

[1] The user returns to a store and fires up their (previously used) RemoteTouch web page (in most QR code apps you can see previously used codes, so this will happen in some cases). The RemoteTouch web page loads – but for the consumer – it just doesn't work. There's currently no way (from an implementation standpoint) for us to check/authenticate a users RemoteTouch session and send them feedback. Having a simple Success/Fail check for the on page load would allow us to build a better customer experience.

[2] When using Manual Resume, is there a session/timeout length for RemoteTouch? In theory, will a user be able to control the screen for as long as they desire, until they click 'exit' on their web page. If someone walks away without exiting – would the screen in theory be 'locked in' its RemoteTouch state?

[3] I'm trying to find a use-case for manual resume (happy to hear from anyone using this) – it appears to rely too much on the customer triggering 'Resume Presentation' (but from experience to date, they will no doubt walk away/close their browser etc without doing so).

Keep up the great development, there's much potential.


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