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Title: Bug or feature in scene properties and resource selection?
Post by: ayukawa on March 10, 2010, 09:56:24 AM
You guys must wonder what users do with your nice s/w.  I'm documenting this with the hope that it might save someone else some time.  It is sometimes hard to know if something is a bug. 
If you set the "global" properties on a scene (in my case blur and alpha fade), it can prevent me out from observing if a resource that I placed on the stage of that scene was selected.  I can select it from the outline tab but the handles of the instance don't appear on the stage to indicate that it has been selected.  Maybe its my alpha and blur settings that also affect the "handles" on the instance extents window.  I didn't explore this too much.  It just took me a bit to figure things out.  It would seem that I inadvertantly set the blur and fade on the scene level.