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I'm trying to send an interrupt to the signage player, but having mixed results. 75% of the time it seems to work, however after a signageplayer update (by this i mean re-sync content, or upload new resources etc) it seems the LAN server on the player doesn't respond..

The only way i can get this to work again, is to either reboot the player or wait a decent amount of time (around 30mins).

I've troubleshooted this to the max, even with network sniffing portscanning etc.

My port 8888
    Open TCP Port:    8888         ddi-tcp-1

I'm sending my command as - curl ""
and receiving curl: (52) Empty reply from server
It seems the port is open, just that the LAN server doesn't respond..

Report bugs and errors / HTML, Browser Component Support
« on: October 15, 2015, 10:52:33 AM »
For a few days now i have been developing an HTML5 app, that works fantastic - for a rollout on many displays in my network only to find that the built in HTML component doesnt support most of CS3, or some other JQuery libs etc etc.. SO i've been advised for the alternative to use the browser component, which in turns look exceptionally terrible at loading up, with a webkit logo appearing and a poorly animated apperance on screen.. then to be advised my other alternative is a firefox addon, whilst this is OK for one display, a roll-out on x amount of screens is a logisitical nightmare..

It seems that the 'firefox' add on is basically to support the growing demand of HTML5, and stronger applications to be supported - in otherwords, the HTML component is rubbish and doesnt support much so use the alternative.

I've been reading a lot on here regarding the HTML component, Browser support etc and it seems that i am not the only customer experiecing the growing demand of a DECENT component that will fully support all functionality within HTML5, CS3 and whatever more technologies that are growing in popularity.

This needs to happen. As of now i am forced to choose another provider for my upcoming digital signage projects, that can fully support my requirements of including a HTML5, CS3 web-app. I really hope there is some space for developing OLD components further rather than throwing new fancy social media components and the rest at us, which will probably in the end result in them failing in the future becuase of a poorly planned rollout period of component development and maintenance program.

Listen to your users mediasigange, your HTML component doesnt support what we need, the browser component lacks a decent loading method and the firefox 'trick' is way too complicated to be used effeciantly.

</rant over>

Internet Of Things / UserDomain JSON malformed
« on: October 01, 2015, 05:35:21 AM »
Hi, I am trying to get the userdomain etc to send an event with my application. However, upong recieving the JSON from the


service, the JSON is incorrect and does not validate.. causing my app to fail the parsing. This is according to a few online validation sites.

New features and suggestions / Expiration on a resource level
« on: September 01, 2015, 09:22:53 AM »
If i have 40 resources which need to be expired on a daily basis, the only way to acheive this autoamtically through the current system is to set up 40 timelines, with one less each time.. eg
Timeline 1: 40 images
Timeline 2: 39 Images.. and so on..

Then schedule each individual timeline..

Very very long winded way of achieving a simple task.

Maybe a function somewhow where we can expire an element on the resource level?

Open source Digital Signage / Direct control to timeline length.
« on: August 27, 2015, 11:48:06 AM »
Does the API, or use of custom webkit modules give direct access to the timeline structure? i.e can i specifcy that the length of the timeline is e.g.

10 images long in my app.. each image is 5 seconds, therefore the timeline should be 50seconds.

It would be a nice feature to add a checkbox in the station parameters, or possibly on install?? to enable the white popupbox (connection status, etc) to not be dispalyed on startup. I have a few situations with very large displays when this appears blinding everyone :) I've done my very very best to have a total blackout during boot, and initilization - aside from the big white box that starts with MediaSignagePlayer.

Studio (Legacy / SignStudio) / SWF Image URLRequest
« on: January 20, 2015, 02:58:45 PM »
I'm trying to create a SWF file that loads iamges dynamically from a JSON file, requested from a server.

I have my SWF loading the files fine, however when using it in the studio, it returns blank.

I have set teh 3rd Party setting, and Trusted setting in the resources tab.. still not working.

Does anyone have any ideas?

SignagePlayer / Custom windows shell
« on: November 27, 2014, 02:24:20 AM »
Hi, I'm playing around with POSReady and Win7e - The ability to create your own shell seems very appealing. Has there been any research into this or anyone who has done it? With the new DS .exe avilable out now, this might be the way to go?

The ability to start without the taskbar natively is nice.

New features and suggestions / Automatic File Cleanup
« on: October 26, 2014, 03:55:19 AM »
This feature could be nice, with some expiry date/time within the signage studio resources?

I have a few clients that use a lot of images that expire within a few weeks, their cloud usage is growing and growing, and keeping track of what images are used in which campaign is a pretty tedious task. An expiry time/date could be nice that would run on some sort of cron based system? either within the studiolite or pro version. I have often thought about developing a small script to conntect to the API and look for folders with time stamps on to delete if the timestamp has passed.. I'm sure the servers could benefit from this, storage wise.

Open source Digital Signage / API Use sendSnapshot
« on: October 21, 2014, 06:34:03 AM »
I wish to develop a small application for my office to give me an overview of all the screens I have, and a small snapshot every 5mins or something.

I can see within the API (pepper.js) there is a function sendSnapshot - there is very little documentation on how to incorporate pepper.js into our own applicaitons - it would be nice with a small quick howto?

Report bugs and errors / Android blending options
« on: September 04, 2014, 04:47:26 AM »
Im testing out a tablet,

and having some strange happenings with the outcome of the same screen.. in the studio i see that the blending mode on the HTML component when set to Multiply is working.. resulting in :

However in the signage application i get:

it seems the blending modes arent applied properly?

It could also be really nice to have an HTML background transparency option.

Report bugs and errors / Error changing campaign via Studio
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:28:46 AM »
I can't seem to change my campaign via the studio application to one of my players. running windows 7 embedded - latest updates, latest air version. I have tried re-installing, unregistering and deleting the cache.. not sure where to go next. Any ideas?

Two subjects here really..

Is there any decent way to import and export existing scenes that are created on another account? i.e a customer wants the same scene as another screen.. on another account. Instead of writing down all the X, Y, Top, Left values etc etc etc..

Progress of Signage Studio.

I'm not sure who agrees with me (if anyone?) but i'm noticing after a year the progress of this app hasn't really progressed in any productive way for enterprise users. There are many features on the forum that have popped up and are good ideas but have not been implemented. It seems that $99 is not really stretching that far. (99 isn't a lot i know) That are still dormant functions within the studio that have not been sorted, eg. the email notifications, ?

The API (please do not refer me to the monster signage app) was said to be released this July, a Digital Signage agent said on their chat.

The API uses SOAP based web services so you can develop in any programming language including HTML5, C++, C#, ASP.NEY, PHP, Pearl, TCL/TK and others.

I see no progress of this in the last 16 months i've been with MS. Not only this, but the resources need updating.

Fortunately my customers seem very happy with their product which is a plus side, however my thoughts on expanding and further procurement opportunities are fading away with this software, and i'm slowly looking at other alternatives. Don\t get me wrong, the software is good.. and the features are nice.. but a lot of features like twitter, facebook etc etc are easy to self implement and are usually faster and more reliable - granted, not everyone knows how.. but some of us do, and all those bells and whistles aren't really important when the core functions do not work correctly, missing or are under developed.

On a lighter note, (i know it seems like a rant ^ ) i would rather pay another $50 or whatever for a more powerful application, with API functionalities and a more robust system, with import export options and better control over time scheduling. - my thoughts.

SignagePlayer / Future of Linux Clients.
« on: November 29, 2012, 04:44:17 AM »
I am aware that this topic has come up a few times.. not recently however - and no real discussions on alternatives.

I have three or four nodes all happily running Arch Linux with these amazing media signage players :) however, these are slowly becoming outdated. Have we any suggestions to alternatives? I read something about the Android app as an alternative? not really sure how this is implemented.

I really love running linux on these nodes and can't imagine changing - what's the future for us Linux users! :)

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