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Both accounts are now showing proper resource IDs.
I haven't been able to "break" it again. Even when uploading multiple images.
I believe that this thread can be closed.

Ok, I will message you tomorrow.
This must be a larger bug, as I created a new account, so I could do some testing, and have the same issue with it.

- I uploaded some images, through the web-interface
- Created a basic campaign
- ran a windows-installed player
- Converted to "Pro"
- Logged into the windows client
- Removed the image from the campaign
- deleted the uploaded images
- uploaded a new image
- got resource id error

I did hit File -> save/upload
In the desktop client, the preview area also says "Resource can't be displayed until it is uploaded to the server."
If I close/logout of either, the resource is not there the next time.
I should also note that adding a "global resource" also gives the same 'resource id' of '-1'

It must be an account issue, as I get the same result in both the web and desktop client.
I don't have any active campaigns or resources, so you can blow away any bad data on the account.

Report bugs and errors / Uploading files empty - Resource id = -1 size = 0
« on: February 07, 2019, 12:33:11 PM »
When I upload a resource, through either the web or desktop client; the resource tab shows the newly uploaded image as having:
- a 'height', 'width' and 'total size' of '0'
- a 'resource id' of '-1'.

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