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Any idea why the installation process does not work on my new PC running Windows 8.1 in French, on a 64bit machine ?

Message says the "file seems corrupted" and I should "ask the editor for a new one"...

I'va had a live chat yesterday night with Support, which has been able to check this by taking control over my PC, but no result yet


SignageStudio / French Studio translation
« on: August 20, 2014, 05:01:46 AM »
I have opened a post beginning 2013 about the poor translation of Studio in French.

This is what the Administrator had answered at the time :

"yes we will release a new Unicode that allows you control over text later this year..."

That was in January 2013 : is there any news on that ?


New features and suggestions / Random option for XML Component
« on: November 29, 2013, 06:58:27 AM »

I am using the XML Component with the "SlideShow" checkbox checked, and I feel there is an option missing.

The XML Component only reads through the XML file one way : from top to bottom.

It would be a great improvement if it could also read through the XML file in a random way.

Could you make that pssible ?


New features and suggestions / French Studio Translation
« on: June 07, 2013, 08:15:21 AM »

The French translation of SignageStudio is very poor, and is preventing us from selling the product to a lot of potential clients.

It is becoming an issue.

We would be ready to help you translate all the words used in Studio into French, as soon as possible.

How could we do that ?


Enterprise edition, branding and reselling / Features and Benefits
« on: May 10, 2013, 07:31:33 AM »

I am a French Enterprise user, and I have a few questions and claims.

About French language :

I find the French SignageStudio interface very "poor" in terms of translation, and that is a real issue.
Could you have that translation finished ? We are willing to help on that : I am sure we could find an agreement.

Even some Components (like Weather Component) should be translated in order to be used in France.

Last thing about French language : what about the User Manual ? Have you thought about translating it ? Not speaking about the video tutorials which are of no use here in France. But I guess it is the same in Italy, Finland, or Poland, right ?

Other remarks and claims :

In your "Features and benefits" web page (www.digitalsignage.com/_html/benefits.html) there are a few assesments which I have some difficulties understanding or finding in the SignageStudio.
I shall only refer to the "Enterprise" column.

  • SignageStudio custom themes and CSS control : Choose a custom look and feel for the SignageStudio through pre-configured CSS Themes (Themes are based on a light and dark coloring scheme).
     How do I do that ?
  • Access the API : Develop your own interface using the Application Programming Interface for your Advertisers using web services and embed onto your own web site. Use any programming language including ActionScript 3, ASP.NET, PHP and more. Create a fully automated system with your CMS for Ad package creation, resource uploads and more.
     Is this feature still up to date ? Now that the whole Advertising engine has changed with V 4.11 ?
  • Access the SDK : The Software Development Kit is a set of libraries that allow you to easily develop SignageStudio and SignagePlayer components. The components are developed using the open source Adobe® / Flex SDK™ and compiled against our provided open source library. You start with a working example and modify it to build your first component.
     Where is it ?
  • Unbranded email support for your customers : provide none branded email support to your customers through our professional support team.
     How do you do that ? In French ?
  • Reseller Marketing material branded to your Company : Take advantage of marketing material including flyers, brochures, business card, white papers and more. Download the source files and modify with your own company’s logo and information.
     Wow ! Where can I find that ?!
  • Participate in the Lead generation program : Receive leads generated from potential new clients and increase your business exposure.
     What is that ?
  • Link backs from MediaSignage.com to your web site : Increase online traffic to your own Digital Signage web site through link backs and access the partner program.
     What is that ?
  • Direct access the online Video Tutorials : Host the entire video tutorials content library on your own web site, none branded.
     You can't really say they are "none branded", can you ? Some of them mention very clearly the name MediaSignage, which also sometimes appear very clearly inside the Videos...

Thank you for your answers

Best Regards


Report bugs and errors / SWF bugs when external xml and content needed
« on: March 29, 2013, 06:05:57 AM »

I already posted a subject concerning an issue with access to local content by swf files.

This post concerns what looks like a few bugs with "URL ressources" and "External swf/image" component.

Considering the fact that SignagePlayer cannot play an SWF file accessing local content, I decided to try three other ways of playing them.

I first tried to add a Resource "From URL", and I typed in the URL of my swf. I then placed it in a timeline, and updated my Player. The result is : it does not play on the Player.

I then tried to use the "External swf/image" component. Two ways : either by creating a Scene which I placed in my Timeline, or by directly placing the Component in the Timeline. The result is : it plays once, but the second time the Timeline is played in the Sequence, nothing happens...

Eventually, I tried the HTML component...
If I create different Scenes, one for each of my swf file, and I place these Scenes in my Timeline, it actually works...!! Hourra !!
But...if I place the HTML components directly in my Timeline, then only one of them plays on my Player...very strange...

Conclusion is : either I am missing something, or there are a few bugs with the way Signage deals with SWF files.

Thank you to look at this important issue for us, as well as my other Post concerning "SWF files cannot access local content"


Report bugs and errors / SWF files cannot access local content
« on: March 28, 2013, 06:54:40 AM »

I have an issue since several months.
I have already had a discussion with your Live Chat on this subject last Decembre, but I am still stuck, and it is becoming urgent !

Our swf files have to access local content on the Player, and even if I check the box "trust content", it does not help.

But, if I believe your Warning message when checking the box ("By checking this option, you allow the selected swf to access external domains and to access the local machine"), it SHOULD work, no ?

Please, I need your help on that as soon as you can.

Best Regards

SignagePlayer / Monitor Power Saving
« on: March 26, 2013, 03:47:19 AM »
Hello, I have an issue with Monitor Power Saving option in Studio.

First of all, it is not really a power saving mode : it just stops broadcast from the Player.

Then, after a while, the screen goes on power saving mode, but it has nothing to do with SignageStudio : it is just the screen that does it by itself because there is no incoming signal...

Then, when it is supposed to go out of the "power saving" mode, it doesn't...The screen just stays black, and if I don't press the button on the remote control, it will stay black in its power saving mode...

Isn't supposed to "Turn On" at the hour I mention in SignageStudio ?


New features and suggestions / Another Wish List
« on: February 24, 2013, 06:52:53 AM »

After some time using this new great 4.10 version, I would have the following wish list :

1. As an Enterprise user, I would greatly appreciate beeing able to select and share Resources, Scenes and even Timelines accross my businesses (see point 7 below). I would also like to be able to create my own Templates like MS did, to pick up from when creating a new account ;

2. As an Enterprise user, your previous version of Ads management was much more efficient then your new "proof of play" functionnality. It was THE way to manage Media Planning accross businesses, which Proof of play doesn't do anymore. Reading the different posts on that subject, I don't know where you actually stand on this one : are you planning to add your "old" Ads management system to the "new" proof of play ?

3. To be able to use Ext App component inside Scenes and not only directly on Timelines ;

4. Your XML component is great : it allows to go through an XML file items in a slideshow mode. But it would be even greater if it could go through either sequentially or randomly !

5. The Scheduler is very handy too, but the "repeat" parameter in the Properties is missing one value : you should add to "Once", "Daily" and "Weekly" another value which would be something like "every xx mns xx hr" to be able to repeat a certain timeline several times a day ;

6. The Collection component would be improved by adding a "random" checkbox ;

7. As an Enterprise user, I have many requests from clients who would like to allow local stores to add their own "local" timelines to the "central" and shared timeline. We usually meet that request within franchised chain stores, where the franchizer builds up a "global" timeline, but wants to let "local" stores add their own stuff. This "global" Vs "Local" request is very frequent ;

Well I think I've gone through the most important for us.

Best Regards


Has any Enterprise user been able to get an "official" invoice from Media Signage ?

I have been struggling to get invoices (monthly, quarterly, annualy, whatever !!) for the past 12 months, without success...

Am I missing something ? Don't US companies have to issue INVOICES to there clients ?! Real invoices including their Name, Headquarter address, VAT number, etc, etc...

You know, like real companies usually do...?

If anyone has any idea how an invoice from to get Media Signage, please tell me !!


SignageStudio / Scheduling Mode Campaign : to be improved ?
« on: February 14, 2013, 02:58:21 PM »

I have noticed, using the Scheduling mode, that it could actually be improved.
You have 3 ways of "Repeat" the Timeline within your Schedule in order to creat your Pattern : Once, Daily and Weekly.

But, when you need to place a 5 minutes Timeline 4 times per hour, 10 hours a day, and the same thing with another Timeline, then it gets time consuming...(this means 80 different items in the day, that I would need to duplicate everyday).

There is one repeat mode missing : the one that would allow to create such repetitions within one day.

Do you think you could include that feature in the coming updates ?


Enterprise edition, branding and reselling / White Lable Theme
« on: February 07, 2013, 06:13:32 AM »

I am using Reseller Studio.
In the White Label Settings, I can chose between "Black" or "White" Theme, and I can see no difference between both Themes..

Is it normal ?
Are you planning to release some other Themes ?


Enterprise edition, branding and reselling / Powered By...
« on: December 11, 2012, 03:18:33 AM »

Is there a way to modify or delete the "Powered by DigitalSignage.com" when launching Studio for the first time ?

Once the client has logged in at least one time, this does not appear anymore, but for the first connection it's always there...


Report bugs and errors / Bugs with Fonts
« on: December 05, 2012, 03:03:00 AM »

I am using the Rich Text component in a Scene with the Brush Script MT font.

It looks perfect when previewing in Studio, but when playing on the Player, it is plain Arial or something of the sort...

Very disapointing !

Am I missing something ?

Studio version = 4.0.100
Player version = 4.0.100



We are starting to sell Ad Packages, and we are experiencing a bug.

I created an Ad Package, and this Ad Package was accepted (Status = Accepted in Incoming Ads).
But this Package still has a Pending Status in the Outgoing Ads.

I have waited for a couple of hours, but there is no change.

Thanks for your help

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