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Title: Thoughts about Ryarc and Scala
Post by: KRC2013 on January 20, 2014, 12:15:23 AM
Good day everyone

I have read of this two Digital signage product: Ryarc and Scala, as among the known Digital Signage today, any inputs you have for this like comparing the two and who are the vendors of this product in Asia as i cant find any on the internet

Thank you for any informative response

Title: Re: Thoughts about Ryarc and Scala
Post by: ANOOP on January 20, 2014, 03:10:54 AM
Scala is or was the market leader when the digital signage was basically a box based solution. Now the solution has moved to SAAS based where infrastructure and maintenance is not an issue and the cost of the installations have become very low. I would recommend you to go with Mediasignage solutions for Digital Signage
Title: Re: Thoughts about Ryarc and Scala
Post by: mediaboy on January 23, 2014, 07:39:21 AM
@KRC2013 it really depends what your Digital Signage needs are; features, support, warranties.

The benefit of Mediasignage is the low cost of entry/monthly costs, however unless you are in the US it's worth considering the support you require and the potential size of your digital signage network. Based outside of the US it is almost solely via live chat (which is pretty good I must say) or email. If you're sourcing hardware (players) then from my experience and from reading the forum, the most stable players are those supplied by Mediasignage - which only ship from the US, so bear in mind freight time, import taxes (and returns of faulty hardware in rare instances) etc.

Sorry I've not really given you an answer, but a few paths to consider when you're evaluating what DS platform to choose.