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Title: Features and Benefits
Post by: ecolmar on May 10, 2013, 07:31:33 AM

I am a French Enterprise user, and I have a few questions and claims.

About French language :

I find the French SignageStudio interface very "poor" in terms of translation, and that is a real issue.
Could you have that translation finished ? We are willing to help on that : I am sure we could find an agreement.

Even some Components (like Weather Component) should be translated in order to be used in France.

Last thing about French language : what about the User Manual ? Have you thought about translating it ? Not speaking about the video tutorials which are of no use here in France. But I guess it is the same in Italy, Finland, or Poland, right ?

Other remarks and claims :

In your "Features and benefits" web page ( there are a few assesments which I have some difficulties understanding or finding in the SignageStudio.
I shall only refer to the "Enterprise" column.

     How do I do that ?
     Is this feature still up to date ? Now that the whole Advertising engine has changed with V 4.11 ?
     Where is it ?
     How do you do that ? In French ?
     Wow ! Where can I find that ?!
     What is that ?
     What is that ?
     You can't really say they are "none branded", can you ? Some of them mention very clearly the name MediaSignage, which also sometimes appear very clearly inside the Videos...

Thank you for your answers

Best Regards