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Title: HTML Snippet from Branding/White Label still shows DigitalSignage logo.
Post by: ghufran on January 13, 2018, 02:59:40 AM
Can someone please guide me how to fix the following issue :

When i logged into StudioPro for the first time i see the DigitalSignage logo and text "Powered by" , but after the first log in it shows my company logo . I raised this concern with the support department, they told me to use the HTML branding snippet in order to change the DigitalSignage logo to appear in the fist run. He also provided me new download links of SignagePlayer and StudioPro .air versions.

I used the branding HTML snippet to download .air versions of SignagePlayer and StudioPro . I have installed them but the problem is still there , DigitalSignage logo appears in the first run .

What is the solution to fix this ?