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Title: Delay
Post by: vdmidia on May 29, 2010, 07:00:49 AM
I'm noticing a delay on catalog displaying of items that i use in my
campaigns. Shows the image, but does not show the other text fields of the first item
the catalog. It is always the first item. it seems that is not cached. looks like
every time carries the catalog items must search the network again.
Whereas the player caches all items, there should be no such delay. Not delay on videos or swf. files, catalogs and labels only.

See what I'm reporting that this delay occurs not only in view of the first item (which would be normal for
be looking for change to cache)
but every time the item reappears on the timeline.

What could this be? This happens in all settings pc that I use. I have some Intel Dual Core Atom 2.66/mem 2gb and some 330 Core Duo / mem. 2gb.