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Title: kiosk issue
Post by: 4R Graphics on March 23, 2014, 08:05:18 PM
Ok I built a campaign that has 2 timelines first time line has rss and a flv second time line has rss and a swf that i made.

Here's the issue on my iphone 4s it plays time line one and then goes to timeline 2 what I want to do is loop time line one and on mouse interrupt playtime line 2. I went into kiosk mode and set it up however in the section for select timeline to play on mouse interrupt it says show desktop and I can  not put anything in there. I am not an enterprise user is this why it doesnt work?

Also neither of the rss feeds are showing on the iphone and when the swf plays (its a simple image gallery) instead of being static until you select the thumbnail image it is scrolling through all images super fast it works on my computer so the code is right but it freaks out on the iphone.

Help please as I am trying to set this up as a demo to show clients when Im in there office.
Title: Re: kiosk issue
Post by: 4R Graphics on March 23, 2014, 08:14:04 PM
Ok went back and watched the interrupt screen saver video again and well most problems fixed (stupid new guy lol).

The rss feeds all work (seems that the player just needed to be restarted on the iphone).

I have the player installed on my computer and iphone and well everything works perfectly on the computer but the iphone still has the problem of playing all of the images in the swf timeline it should display only one image and on click go to the next image.

Like I said it works on the computer so it must be a swf iphone issue (I know that ios does not play flash) the digital signage guys have gotten it to play flash stuff on ios (not a programmer but understand that it has to do with air app) however it seems that there are some issues.

Basically it seems that the iphone is not reading the (stop() command that is inside the swf) it is built in action script3 and flash pro CS6.

If anyone can help get it to work I would appreciate it.

Side note the player on the iphone when started sometimes doesnt run it opens shows the screen with the info and if its connected then goes to a blank white screen. restarting sometimes will make it work and rebooting phone will sometimes make it work but nothing consistent for getting it to work. Once its running campaign it runs great (flv loop a little laggy between last and first frame but acceptable) I am running ios 6.1 (haven't bothered to upgrade will try that in the next day or so) I dont care for the look  of ios 7 but if it makes it run right then I guess I will have to. First Im waiting for others input before ios upgrade so reply back. 

Stupid new guy
Title: Re: kiosk issue
Post by: ANOOP on March 23, 2014, 09:44:07 PM
Signage player is not designed to run properly on ios. Advisable to use a android tablet or phone rather than wasting time on ios.
Title: Re: kiosk issue
Post by: 4R Graphics on March 24, 2014, 05:31:08 PM
Anoop thanks for the reply shame about ios
Have had many android phones and they just are not stable love my iPhone.
I guess I will have to build the show inside the studio with scenes good to know now that it doesn't work right instead of I front of a customer.

Thanks again