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SignageStudio / Use custom fonts in scenes
« on: September 05, 2012, 06:44:48 PM »
I want to use a font that is not in the list of available in the font list, how to use a custom font?



Thanks for the reply!

I want all in the same scene, but two custom RSS in same scene not work.
1 Custom RSS + 1 Rss News works, but, the RSS News scroll (bad)....

The idea:

I want like this image without scroll.

Thanks for being trying to help me so far.  ;D

Create a Scene with the Custom RSS Item and chose the URL you wish to use. Now place the Custom RSS Player on the timeline in the channel of choice and drag the scene you just created to the player.

Watch the video for step by step. MediaCloud>Studio Components>Custom RSS Component

Thanks for the reply!

But, this component RSS News already inner a scene with a Custom RSS, the only solution to have two RSS in the same scene was having a component "custom rss" and other component "rss news", but the "rss news" it has auto scroll, I would disable the auto scroll.

How to prevent items from scrolling in the RSS news component of a scene?



Using the component "RSS news" seems I can make it work, but the question is, how to prevent items from scrolling (items of this component)?


Yeah, you're right. I was thinking that the player was an available component in the scene editor. You could always create two screen divisions that would hold each one and place them on the screen where you want them in the screen template editor. Then it is just a matter of creating the channels for each screen division and placing the player in each. Might be a possible work around.

Thanks for the reply!

About the split screen, the suggestion is very good, but depending on what part is broken would not perhaps very good.

The idea of ​​being able to have more items to use RSS or RSS customized for each element of the screen a different XML is like this example:



I have not tried the multiple Custom RSS feeds at once. You may have to create a scene nested within a scene.

So create scene #1 with one of the Custom RSS layouts...Then

Create Scene #2 with your second Custom RSS layout....Now

Add Scene #1 to Scene #2 where you want it.
Thanks! =)


I tested now and both scenes with custom RSS within the third scene with these two, the two scenes showed the same item and changed the XML for the same item next.

If I find a solution, I'll post here.


I want to show two custom RSS ITEM's in same scene to show at same time, but when I try this, the two title's and resources receive the same item of RSS, anytime.

How it should be:

How it's shown:

How I can make this works?

Thanks!  :)

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