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I can not access my account. Signage / Web Studio

Since yesterday when I log in the screen goes blank.  ???

My stations are the pop-up blank, as when trying to log into the account, did not receive any return.
UPDATE: After many tests in some stations, the pop-up showed the details of account, but the server is "Not connected", and the Player started playing the campaign after 20 minutes. But the server is not connected... Contens, customRSS not update....

Here a screenshot of webstudio: http://tinypic.com/r/2rgop45/6

Thanks a lot!  :)

Problem solved in live chat, the support is awesome! Thanks again. ;D

Report bugs and errors / [BUG] Studio or Android Player...
« on: March 23, 2013, 07:14:25 AM »

I'm using last versions of Studio (last official version) and Android Player (updated via PlayStore).

Occasionally happens these two bugs, one of them happens most times:

1 - The android device I'm using is connected 15 hours a day.
Occasionally appears in the Studio Controller is "Running". ??

2 - Many times I try to see a screenshoot of the screen, and the screen goes blank, if I try to do this again, it seems that the Android Player crashs, because after that the device is offline in the Studio.

New features and suggestions / Custom Field in CustomRSS component
« on: March 07, 2013, 05:37:16 AM »

Could show more items from XML. Items that a person could choose which to display.

It would be great to have this option because only the title, description and image, sometimes are not enough.

Have one more option among the 3 items CustomRSS (title, description, resource): "Custom Field".
And after selecting this option, appear a "input / textarea" under the "menu select" to write the name of the field.

In this example XML could write the name of the field: "date" and "anotherdate". And the system show that field if it exists.

XML (just for show, not formatted to work correctly):

Code: [Select]



One good feature is like adobe after effects, if click in a file/resource, show how much times it being used.

Because sometimes we want to delete some old files, and if it is not being used is because it can be erased. And sometimes have similar names with other files.


New features and suggestions / Synchronize scheduled timeline.
« on: March 03, 2013, 07:45:47 AM »
I have a timeline that runs for 10 minutes in total.

If I schedule this timeline to start playing at 00:00 hours, the timeline would end the run of 00:10 hours, correct?

But if I put it in scheduler to run in an endless loop. It would be the same thing to put a timeline in sequence mode and repeating endlessly too.

But back in the timeline that was scheduled. If a station that has this campaign, which has scheduled timeline with this endless loop. If this station starts at 00:13, the current settings will start at the beginning of the timeline.

The suggestion is that the timeline begin / continue to run exactly where it should, for example:

00:00 ========== 00:10 <<< total time to finish the timeline and the timeline can start running again.
00:10 ========== 00:20 <<< loop the timeline again, correct?
If start the PLAYER/STATION at 00:13 :
00:13 ===>====== 00:20 <<< the current time and logic, the player would have to continue to run the timeline where it is being shown, not the beginning of timeline again.

I do not know if I explained correctly, but I think you can understand.

I believe it is simple to do that.  ;D

Thanks a lot.

SignageStudio / Transparent Video in a Scene editor
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:33:00 AM »
You can create a transparent video?
- I create a video in After Effects HD resolution.
- A portion of the video content and the other being a part be transparent.
And in the scene editor, able to put this video over a background image?

The portion of video containing content, a content that makes it moves, is not a solid square.

I ask this because the background image in the scene editor would be dynamic and not always the same image.

Thank you!


Hi!  ;D

1 - You can create a user in the ad engine, that user can send files only to a specific station?
2 - and limit the amount of files that users can send?

Thank you!


Report bugs and errors / Android: One bug left to be perfect.
« on: November 14, 2012, 05:04:13 AM »
The new version of SignagePlayer (4.0.98) for Android is excellent!
Is more stable, with better performance, fixed some bugs and more.

But from what I tested on some Android devices, I think missing a few things to be perfect:

1 - This bug still happens in some campaigns: - FIXED
http://script.digitalsignage.com/forum/index.php/topic, 2187.0.html

2 - When the effects of active transitions. The scene containing components CustomRSS (title, description, resource image) at the transition, the image (customRSS item) does not participate in transition effect, and when the effect of all other elements in the scene ends, the image (customRSS item) disappears (without effect).
- FIXED disabling transitions...
3 - I have some H.264 videos (720P and 1080P) in the timeline, they play perfectly. But when the transition will begin to the next element (image, video or scene), appears for half a second a frame from one of the videos of the timeline.
After several tests, I found that this problem pop up a frame before the next element only happens in these transitions:
Image to video
Video to video
Scene to video

With the rest of the transitions NOT happen this bug:
Video to image = NO
Video to scene = NO
Image to image = NO
Image to scene = NO
Scene to image = NO
Scene to scene = NO


I think I only have these three most critical bugs.

But the app is getting better.

Thanks!  ;D


More one:

4 - The Player go full screen when hide the bottom bar. - FIXED


I have 6 static images.
All other images are dynamic, bought by anyone. (similar to AD Engine).

What I do is:
1 - People buy advertising.
2 - When I insert the image into the system, the system always stand between static images, example:
If I have 2 ads purchased, would look like this:
img = static image numbered 1 to 6.
ADS = advertising purchased.

TIMELINE created automatic with two advertisements purchased and 6 static images, would look like this:
img1 - ADS1 - img2 - ADS2 - img3 - img4 - img5 - img6

If I have: 10 ads purchased and 6 static images would look like this:
img1 - ADS1 - img2 - ADS2 - img3 - ADS3 - img4 - ADS4 - img5 - ADS5 - img6 - ADS6 - img1 - ADS7 - img2 - ADS8 - img3 - ADS9 - img4 - ADS10

(I want: static images automatically will repeat until the amount of paid advertising ends.)

Is is possible in AD Engine to create timeline automatically with static images and paid advertising. ??

If not, is there another way like this?

* Is confused to understand, but...  :'(

Thanks!  :D


I put an HTML component in the scene, and no matter what I put above him, he gets over everything.
And another problem that occurs is also using negative values ​​in the position to show only a part of the page does not work, showing all that was to be hidden.

Tested in Android UG802 and GalaxyTab2 10.1 .


Hi admin!

In this version of the AIR beta: (android)

Solved the problem with color distortion in gradients / PNG transparent?
Like this: http://script.digitalsignage.com/forum/index.php/topic,2165.msg7767.html#msg7767



Only changing the order of a element in the scene and clicking in SAVE, the system does not recognize that there were changes and only synchronizes.



I have a timeline, suppose I have 6 videos in the timeline.

Image example:

The problem is that any video that I put in position 5, runs with lag, as if the framerate of position 5 was 6 FPS.

I changed the order several times of all videos. Converted using Freemake to test, but the same thing happens.

I tested with videos 480P, 720P, 1080P. All run perfectly in the other positions, but if you put any video in position 5, it happens lag in playback.

Tested in an android device UG802 and Samsung GalaxyTab2 10.1. (same problem on two).

Position 5 is an example, but the reality is that a position of the timeline of my campaign this happens.



The static images and static videos makes a smooth transition in the campaign.

But, when using CustomRSS component with ONLY title and description the transition is smooth.

But again, when using CustomRSS component with title, description and resource image, image slows the transition a bit compared to the other components in the same scene.

This may be because the hardware, but may also be a bug.


Hi, I have a suggestion.

The Player increases the height a little when Hide the bottom bar of Android, but not all. Others apps of Android goes full screen when the bottom bar hides.

The suggestion is to go full screen.


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