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Hello! The "proof of play" works on "Custom RSS" component?
For I know which items of the "CustomRSS" component being displayed.

Thanks a lot!  ;D


I'm using the external video component, the cache is awesome!
But, even with the cache, the Player download the video again, consuming much bandwidth.

The download is done again, even if the video is in the "Caching" folder of the Player is a bug, or is it really necessary for some reason?

The video plays perfectly the second time, because it is loaded in the folder Caching Player, but the Player continues downloading it, even if the video is playing direct Caching folder.

Thanks!  ;D


When I try to use "External Video component", I put: "file://[path to my local file]"

In all other softwares works very well!

But when I try to put this url in Studio, the Studio convert the URL to "http://file://....."

The Studio always add the "http://" prefix. This is good, but if the Studio do not, it will be better, because then we'll get to open local files.

This is a sample thing to do, please change it.... ;D


I think this suggestion is old, but should be very useful for all users Enterprise.

Being able to share a Resources among sub-accounts would be great.

Being able to share any content between the sub-accounts would be even better (Resources, Campaigns, Scenes, etc..).


Questions about Enterprise edition.

I am not Enterprise customer yet, because I'm testing the system first.  ;D

But I plan to use the Enterprise version soon, so I have some questions:

Some questions are related to the functionality I've seen in the past did not exist, but maybe now exist.

1 - You can send a Resource for the main account and get this Shared Resource in sub-accounts?
2 - You can create a campaign "template / default" that every new account that is created now could come standard with this campaign?
3 - Based on the above questions, it is possible to share some content (Resource, Scene, Campaign, ...) between accounts?

Thank you!  ;D

Hi!  ;D

Below is the problem and the solution to it.  ;D

Just when I started using Studio, remember that Android players carried quite content using little memory, it was excellent!
A Timeline with dozens of content began with only 50mb of memory!

But I realized that with time, this memory was automatically only increasing, even if the timeline had only 1 minute long.

Yesterday, however, there was a problem, I duplicated a Campaign, and after that, all my Android Players could no longer play the Campaign.
Because the memory was starting with 250mb, even if the timeline was only 1 image with 1 minute long!

I deleted many old campaigns, old files, and still not resolved.

So after many tests, I created other accounts to test too.
I realized that a large Timeline in a new account, consuming much less memory than a Timeline little in the old account I was using.

After many debugs in the WebPlayer, I discovered that: to know what should be played, the player downloads the same XML for any player in your account.
And this XML has all your account information, eg: resources, campaigns, etc..

The perfect solution would only bring the campaign information that is on the Player. And not your entire account information.

But besides bringing information from all the campaigns of the user.
THE BIGGEST PROBLEM that happened to me and happens to all users is that the server is "delivering" to the players data/information of campaigns that have been deleted by the user.

That is, if the server seep to show information only campaigns that exist, the system will not be with memory problems.
Because I was happy to create nearly 100 campaigns for testing, because they knew of this problem.

If the server filter what was to be shown, when I had deleted these old campaigns, the players would be able to play normally, but it's not working because they are downloading data/information from all campaigns, even those that have been deleted.

Please filter the server to not show data from campaigns that have been deleted, it will solve my problem and the problem of all users (who may one day have the same problem, as they are creating campaigns).

The URL that displays this data is:

MARS = depends on the server that is hosted your account.

It is this URL that shows the information for the Player.

With some techniques I managed to read the data. Not for use in bad faith, just to try to solve the problem.

Thank you.

IF any developer of DigitalSignage want to speak directly with me to explain the problem, you can tell me.

If any developer of DigitalSignage want the XML files that I downloaded from the link above referred campaigns of two accounts I tested, you can tell me.

PS.: Sorry for my bad english...  :P

Thanks a lot!


Since yesterday all my Android devices are no longer starting playing the campaigns, even though the campaign 1 minute long.

I realized something:
Before the campaign began with 140MB of memory.
Now they are starting from 200 to 250mb of memory, which is making the devices crashes.

I think DigitalSignage changed something on the servers that are doing the campaigns begin with this high value memory.

Thanks a lot!


In Stations list:
A order by Status will be awesome!  ;D



Is there any plans for this?
The compression of these files are very good.

Thanks!  ;D


This bug is old, but it can be annoying sometimes:
When you duplicate a campaign in the side menu, the Studio now automatically selects the new campaign, but if you make any changes in the campaign that is being shown, will alter the original campaign.

What I do is duplicate -> select the old campaign -> select the new campaign. And so you really will be in the new campaign.



The bug:

When you are inner any folder in Resources, if you change the File name or the Folder of the file, the Studio drop you out to root folder.

This is too bad, I had to rename many files that were in folders and subfolders, and each name change Studio threw me out of the folder.



A suggestion:

In Studio:

When in a folder, the file has to be sent to this folder and not to the root folder.


This already happens, maybe it was a bug that should have happened to me once.

Thanks a lot!   ;D


I do not know if anyone has seen this bug, from my tests, it's happening sometimes.

I use some "stations" with Android.

After many tests, sometimes the internet is very slow, when I check the network, is the station that is consuming 100% of the data. Checked the "Data Usage" and SignagePlayer is consuming 100% of the data during a long time.

I noticed that too, because consumption was so intense that it took too long to load some content customRSS that have only text.

So I reset the Station and back when, even with a full turn in the Timeline, the problem of consumption is 100% resolved, and the Player back to normal functioning, only using the data when it actually needs.

But occasionally it happens, I do not know why.

Has anyone seen this on some Android Player or some Mediadroid?

Note: I put in SignageStudio to restart the player every 200mb memory peak, it avoids giving some playback problems when using lots of memory.

Thanks!  ;D

Two suggestions for a future update to send notifications when a station goes offline.

1 - Send email notification when a station is offline will be excellent.
But the user could choose your timezone and times that the station should be working, no need to send notification when the station is actually offline by choice.
A layout like the "power saving" tab.

2 - When this feature is working, could have an option of sending SMS too. Each SMS sent would be charged, and could be sent SMS to any country.

The webhosting company "OVH" have this feature, for example: When the user's server goes down, they send an SMS to any country. They sell a package of SMS, you buy a package of SMS to be notified when necessary.

It would be very good these two suggestions are working.

If someone needs the suggestion of sending SMS. You can do this:

When the ability to receive email notifications are working, you can hire a company to send SMS, then configure your email to any email notification that get to you, this email is sent to a system of sending SMS, and this system trigger your SMS for you.
An example is the plan of OVH SMS, you send an email to the system and re-send it as SMS.




Im using the catalog component.

I noticed that every time, the catalog shows the same sequence of items.
Could have a button to mark in the component to display the items randomly.

Thanks a lot!  ;D

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