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Our company needs a feature of Synchronized playback feature. Unless it's not supported with your solution, please add an option to the scheduled play to play videos for - Every Hour, Every 30 minutes or Manually set the time.

For example if our videos are 12 minutes long, and we want to RE-RUN them with a schedule 12 minutes, so if one player goes down, it will be synchronized on the next play. If we will set 12 minutes schedule  for the whole 24 hours (which is nonsense) and if the length of video will increase for 1 minute, we'll need to REMODIFY all the schedule for the 13 minutes portions (which is double nonsense).

Please, make an option in SignageStudio:
1. Scheduling of short Timelines to run hourly or manually set by user (example: run Timeline for every 12 minutes in a day). (Like you did it, with the option daily, weekly, once)


2. Create a feature that will support synchronized playback. (which is more harder to do)

Thanks a lot

We have 200 Signage Studio players running on 3rd party sticks free version of mediaCloud. Today we've faced an issue, after save/upload/restart all players stuck on DigitalSignage's ad and it says "Your presentation will start soon". While we've waited for 30 minutes, our presentation didn't start. Stations tab shows that all stations are available and the status is "playing". Restarting or making changes won't affect. The players are located in different buildings and the use different internet connections. So those are not player and connection issues at all. We need your help in this problem as soon as possible.

SignagePlayer / Synchronized playback on Signage Players
« on: July 31, 2013, 05:16:42 AM »

I have 10+ Android sticks running Signage Player. The issue is: I cannot keep running videos synchronized. I guess, if this software counts as a Digital Signage solution so there should be a way to make those players to run synchronized? Is there any solution who could do that?

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