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Title: empty scene needed?
Post by: BMC_Test on November 18, 2016, 06:36:23 AM
Dear All,

I saw, when I assign a ressource to a chanel and timeline (for example a picture) and I say for example it should stay shown for 5 seconds...I notice it doesn't disappear after 5 seconds but it keeps being shown until I replace it later with another resource. Why this?
I just talked to the support team and they suggested for the empty space in between I should place an empty scene. Do you agree with that? I don`t.
If I want that picture to last longer than 5 seconds as in my example I can drag it longer to the right in the timeline. But I intentionally want it do disappear for the time until the next resource will be shown. Why should I keep filling in the empty spaces with an empty scene?
Thank you.
Brg, BMC.