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Title: GUI
Post by: sr on August 02, 2009, 11:36:24 AM
Do you plan to relook or to improve the interface, to make it more intuitive, more Pro?

I know that actually you work hard for functionality and others improvement.
But if we use your system to resell it to the big companies like the banks, the petroleum companies …
I think that it will be harder. There is a lot of competitors on the market! and i 'd like to use your solution

There is a lot of DS Software or Saas solution available today, and the interface is very important for me and for our futur customers too. Look the huge succes of Iphone, it's not a revolutionary smartphone, but the user can use all features and love it, beacause the revolution is on the GUI.
So, if you want to revolution the DS market!

You could start with a full screen mode with a fixed sized by default for all zones, and a new fixed window or  zone above when we work with an object and his properties.

Sorry for my english, i am french

Title: Re: GUI
Post by: admin on August 02, 2009, 11:58:22 AM
Hi Steph,
Thanks for the input.

Please explain a bit more.

1 .Do you mean like colors and making more "animation" in the GUI just to make it look fancier ?
2. Do you mean to add functionality in the Studio like Copy / paste etc...
3. Do you mean to make the application more easy to use with a more simple GUI ?

Let me know as your feedback is important to us,


Sean -
Title: Re: GUI
Post by: sr on August 02, 2009, 12:16:24 PM
Hi Sean,

More easy to use with a more logical workflow.

Actually we need to view video tutorials for understand every concept or feature.
For us, as a future reseller (i hope), it's normal, but for the end user (the final customer) i think that he hasn't to spent much time for understand.

I think that we need 2 interfaces : one for the producer (us) and one for the final customer where he can see and edit some objects. We need to provide to the customer a tool for edit or create some text message, prices, schedules… in a very simple manner

Title: Re: GUI
Post by: admin on August 02, 2009, 01:15:45 PM
I understand, agree and we do plan on offering another more simple interface in the future that will not have all the power, but be easier to use.

You will be able to switch to a more advanced GUI ( which is the current GUI ). once you switch to an advanced GUI you will not be able to roll back to the simple GUI on a particular campaign.