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Title: Interactive video components
Post by: kalb on February 11, 2016, 12:53:18 PM
I'm looking to put in silent salesperson displays on tablets in stores to educate customers, but i want the video to start when the customer presses play and then reset back to the play button when done.

(I have been using an embedded youtube video in an HTML component)

I have setup a presentation that will do the first part, but after the video plays it shows the usual youtube options of selecting other youtube videos. 
If i set the campaign time to match the video length it can reset in the middle of the video and potentially anger a customer who was in the middle of watching something and has to start over.
If i set the campaign longer there is no way to get the video back to the start for the next customer
If i use the youtube component or upload the video as a resource the video loops instead of being interactive like i want.

My suggestion for this would be to have a setting for the campaign to not reset until after a video is done if a video is playing either in the html component or the youtube component or to set an inactivity timer for the reset (kind of like some kiosks) where after a certain period of time of nothing happening it will reset back to the start.

Is this something that could potentially be implemented?
Title: Re: Interactive video components
Post by: kalb on February 25, 2016, 11:00:07 AM
Any information on the likelihood of anything like this being implemented?