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New features and suggestions / GPS content triggering
« on: June 30, 2014, 09:37:30 AM »

There is one fucntionality which is very suitable for public transportation and taxi companies.

GPS integrated in the player or the screen (if you use android tablet it is integrated) which determines your position.

Depending on where we are located (determined from the GPS module) a predefined specific content is triggered.

In this manner we are able to create a virtual catalog and let's say a foreigner (which doesn't know the city very well) is

taking a taxi from the airport and while traveling the tablet/screen inside the taxi is giving him suggestions for hotels, restaurants and

etc. considering the current position of the cab.

There is CMS from the company ACQUIRE which has this feature.

What do you think about this suggestion?



There are some Digital Signage softwares which offer build in audience measurement.

With this software module the screen (equiped with a webcam or ipcamera) is capable of categorizing the audience

according to their v-male/female and age and estimates parameters like Attention time, opportunity to see and others.

WIth this software not only the information is gathered but there is a possibility to trigger a specific content according to the audience.

For example if you are a boy from 1-12 years old an ice cream commercial is triggered if you a 25 year old female than a comsmetics

products are displayed on the screen. It will be good if you are able to integrade such software in your platform (or at least to have this

possibility). For example the software of the company Amscreen (company which makes CMS) can be integrated with the software from

QUIVIDI-vidireports. There are also other comapnies which makes such software (audience measurement software) like

---http://sightcorp.com/   -SIGHTCORP
---http://www.cognitec.com/products.html   COGNITECT
---http://www.quividi.com/company.html    QUIVIDI
---https://aimsuite.intel.com/get-started---- even intel bought such company

I think it will be wise if you choose one of this software products to integrade with your product. It can be add on (for which the customer should pay additional licences to one of this companies).

Currently there is no problem to measure the audience (Attention time, opportunity to see, demographics and other parameters)
but the problem is that in order to trigger a specific predifined content considering the audience there should be some integration bettwen mediasignage and some of the companies mentioned above.

What do you think about that?


Report bugs and errors / Re: bug in the white-labeling
« on: June 30, 2014, 09:11:08 AM »

Thank you very much for the fast response!


Report bugs and errors / bug in the white-labeling
« on: June 24, 2014, 09:21:25 AM »

I would like to report a bur related with the white-labeling feature.

I am using white-labeling and i've disable the option "create account"

but the problem is that it is still not disabled.

After i customised the white-labeling feature i've copied  the text

from the TOOLS->BRANDING and pasted it in html document.

Then i downloaded the desktop player from this document and i thought this option

"create account" will be not be visible but unfortunatell it still is.

After i select "create account" your websited opens.

This is a very serious problem which can compromise our business model.

We offer the solution with our brand and this is for us very important.

unfortunatelly in this manner the customer can go directly to you.

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