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I was checking for additional responses to my original post and noticed that you wanted to know if I could expose my vendor name.  I really do not want to shed bad light on our current vendor, so likely a good idea to not bring their name up within a post.  They are slowly digging their own grave with recent price increases. 

Also - Unfortunately  I am having a difficult time finding ways to customize the DigitalSignage.com solution in order to make a transition to your product.   Still working through several technical issues related to a possible transition.


Has anyone found a quality media player that runs on Microsoft OS but also supports live video streaming.  Cisco manufactures a media player known as the Edge 340, but this player only supports Linux with Kernel 3.6 and zero Windows OS support

I need a player that also supports MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG-4 Part 10, and standard audio codecs.  One of our customers require my company to support live streams utilizing MPEG-2 TS over UDP/RTP in addition to digital signage.  We need a player that runs on Windows OS like the mediaBox 200 and mediaBox 300, but also requiring a media player with video codec support for MPEG-2 transport streams over UDP.

If DigitalSignage.com supported current Linux versions, then my problems would be over and since we could utilize the Cisco Edge 340 player.   If anyone knows of a fully featured media player like the Cisco Edge 340 that runs on Windows OS it would be greatly appreciated.   The Cisco 4400G player covered all my requirements, but has been discontinued.  This player could support Microsoft OS and Linux both :-\   


We are currently utilizing another digital signage/live media content management system and just notified that licensing costs are about to increase substantially.  Unfortunately our customers cannot afford the increases and this is forcing our company to locate another more affordable solution.   The issue we are facing is related to having a digital signage server and media players that can be customized.  We require a solid digital signage application, but our current media players also play (live) decoded h.264 video over HLS/TCP or video that originates from UDP transport streams.

I am basically attempting to find out if code within the DigitalSignage Media Server and DigitalSignage Media Player application can be potentially customized to support additional media player capabilities?   We also utilize a UDP transport "video error correction" application for live content and another piece of proprietary hardware that communicates directly with our media players with very basic ASCII coding.   

The question???   Has anyone received permission and moved forward with code customization for specific application requirements.       

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