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SignagePlayer / Email notification when station goes down - Solution
« on: July 30, 2013, 06:24:48 PM »
Hey all!

I'm just wondering if anyone has figured out a solution to being notified when a station goes down. I know it is coming, but it feels like it's been "coming" for quite a while now.

Please let me know if you've figured anything out.


Hi all.

Has anyone else encountered this?
I am hoping someone can shed some light on an issue I've been experiencing. I have scoured the web and have been unable to find much, if anything, in way of solutions.
All little difficult to describe, but I will include a pic as well as a visual.
Randomly, the signage presentation will re-size itself and move into the upper left corner. This happens randomly and not at the same times each day. They are hooked up to a LED tv via HDMI. I have tried switching the HDMI cables, ensuring all drivers are current and tried most all the basic troubleshooting.
A simple re-start will get everything back looking and running fine. Again, this is a digital signage application so we cannot tell if this has occurred until the client calls to let us know which is not good for us.
I do apologize if this is not too clear of a description. Please refer to the image for a visual. Also, please feel free to ask me any questions you think may help you.

SignagePlayer / Video Playback Stuttering during presentation - SOLVED
« on: January 19, 2013, 08:36:54 AM »
Just wanted to share something I discovered this week in case anyone else is having the same issue.
I updated the presentation on one of our stations. Added 4 new videos (.mp4) and there were also about 5-6 other .mp4 vids on the same timeline.
Problem was that after the update, ALL videos were stuttering or cutting in and out ever other second. Even those which were playing fine previously. I tried emptying the cache - didn't work. Then I un-installing and re-installing the Signage Player - also a no go.

Finally figured out that the source was the remote desktop client I had installed on that machine. I had LogMeIn and Teamviewer installed as well for backup. I uninstalled LogMeIn and ALL videos went back to playing fine.

Still not sure why this had not been causing any issues for the last year, but it seemed to resolved this issue.

Just wanted to share in case you find yourself facing something similar.

SignageStudio / Re: Multi-Room & Multi-Day Calendaring
« on: November 27, 2012, 10:16:36 AM »
Hey HVL,
Thanks for the update. This is still something I think a lot of us are interested in.
My only question is where do I interject my calendar code at? Which point?

Thanks again!

SignageStudio / Anyone figured out how to get a Google Cal. to work?
« on: November 13, 2012, 07:33:04 PM »
Hey all!

I am wondering if anybody has figured out a way to get the info from a Google calendar to play on screen. Also, updating the content as it is inserted (new events, dates and times, etc..)

Any help here would be much appreciated.


SignageStudio / Re: Multi-Room & Multi-Day Calendaring
« on: November 13, 2012, 07:29:05 PM »
@ StarVue

How much would it cost to have your programmers do something similar to you Google calendar solution for me?
Or is a "template" for sale somewhere?

Love the concept and end result, but I just don't have the right talent on my team to execute.

Please let me know when you can.


Not sure if I am posting in the right section, but I have have a suggestion for the new release. Nothing major, more of a ui issue.
Since testing 4.0 (Signage Studio)in my lab I have notice that when I click on a particular station it is sometimes hard to tell which station I have actually selected.
The "selection background" that tells what station you've selected is hard to see. Not this way with the other version. Maybe we could make it darker or more visible.
Also, I can not seem to select multiple stations at once to say update, restart or whatever.

I also cannot seem to get the "remove spacing" button to work properly after placing resources into a timeline. Used to just hit the button with the inward facing arrows and all gaps would be removed. I have found with 4.0 I need to hit the button, then click on another tab like resources, stations or something else and come back to the campaign. Then all resources have been brought together.

Lastly, maybe it would be nice to have a popup or something when hovering over the different commands in the stations panel. ie: update, restart, clear cache, check for updates, etc...
Not the end of the world, but I often down know what each one is and the little info bubble used to help a lot.

That's it. Love the product, you guys are always so great to deal with.
Thanks for all you are doing!

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