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New features and suggestions / Re: Playing 1 Item in a Playlist
« on: January 03, 2019, 03:41:10 PM »
Although I think these guys are doing a GREAT job with things there is one feature I have been asking and asking for and cannot understand why it cannot be done... They added a new feature called playlist which is AWESOME this is what I wanted except for one small thing. There should be an option in the settings of the play list to play one item. Let’s say there are 10 Subway ads in the playlist, when the timeline hits the playlist it would play one of the ads and then next time around it would play another and then another... I can’t tell you how many advertisers I have that have multiple ads and I only want them to play one ad at a time till the timeline comes back around

I am also hoping for an interface improvement as it just is still so confusing sometimes... Also aligning things should be much easier by selecting multiple items and aligning them. Just do not see it

Thanks for offering a decent product


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