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Hi Frengix,

I tried the install on a W2012 but no dice...
You should install it on a 2008.

MS doesn't sell it anymore that's right, but if you buy a W2012 license you may downgrade to a lower version of the same license model (standaard, core, enterprise, etc...)



When trying to import default scenes in an empty (new) Campaign on the MediaServer, the shared resources are empty and not available.
It would be great, if we could point to a location (a folder) and drop scenes or other useful things in it.
So that we can access the shared resources.

Kind Regards

Report bugs and errors / Urgent - Can't create new account
« on: June 10, 2014, 01:46:12 AM »

I have a fresh install of the media server.
When i open Signage Studio and select create account, I fill in the details and get an activation link.

When I click the link, i get error "Account creation FAIL."

This prohibits me to save/upload my sequence because my email can't get verified.

Kind Regards


First of all, the installation links are not correct in the whitelabel page.
And the location where they reside is also fault.
The files are named Cloudstudio.air and cloudPlayer.air, they should be SignageStudio.air and SignagePlayer.air  !
Please fix this in the server and in the installation manual/video !

Second, is there a way of changing the names of the 3 "Servers"
ie: master.server.tmp to
Is this possible ?
Or should i install the whole thing over again...

When creating a new user on the SignageStudio i get a verification email but when i click it, it shows "Account creation FAIL."
But when i look in the server provider, the users are created and I can assign privileges to them.

Is there a way to set the default "backup" folder to a different drive ?
I've installed everything on D drive, but the backup folder is on C drive.
Now this raises some issues for me when backing up the server.


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