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Title: Images missing from RSS from ALL RSS feeds.
Post by: Optimist on August 03, 2015, 03:56:13 PM
I tested more then 10 RSS feeds, out of many others that I have, that I am already using on another advertising platform without any problems (want to migrate to Digital Signage).
ALL don't display pictures, just text on the displays.
Some show the pictures in an unorganized manner in the Preview if the Preview Pane is wide enough; however, on the screens I see only text without pictures.

With some feeds I do manage to see the Pictures if I use the Media/Podcast Component, however, I then don't see any text.

I could have managed somehow if it were just one or two feeds that don't show pictures; however, ALL the feeds that I tested did not show pictures on the screens.

I tried to include the RSS URLs in this Post, but links are not allowed.

Please assist.