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Title: Release note (Live document)
Post by: admin on February 14, 2014, 10:10:57 AM
Release 0.8.X is now available:
Download source via GitHub at:

Release notes 0.8 3-26-2014
- Support for Screen Editor
- 5 new Components (Clock, HTML5, Ext Video and more)
- Support for timeline(s) length totals
- Support for component length totals
- Lots of bug fixes and re factoring of Jalapeno

Release notes 0.6 2-14-2014
- Complete new underline framework using Backbone js for a more structured MV* design
- Complete new CSS / HTML framework using Bootstrap js framework (Super light and fast)
- Complete new module loader using require js for quick load times and none linear future loading support
- New responsive layout now supports Desktop / Tablet / Phone modes (powered by Bootstrap)
- Campaign selection now possible from Stations
- Support for Pro and Lite user accounts (ProStudio account limited to Stations module only)
- Merged build on GitHub onto master branch