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Title: Additional functionality of Enterprise Console
Post by: justadsguy on October 16, 2012, 10:18:44 AM
I love the ability to see what's going on at a particular customer location after logging in to enterprise.

Suggestions for  additional functionality:

1) Ability to see "disconnected" systems - currently a check box limits view of those that are connected, but if you are trying to be proactive, you want to see those that aren't working

2) Additional functionality, such as "image" "update software" "refresh" -- would be helpful
* allowing to mass update software across multiple accounts

3) Instead of listing BusinessID - it would be more prudent to list BusinessName. I can't tell one company from another based on the BusinessID

4) Ability to remove fields to build a report

5) Make it live -- what a great console this would be to have on a big screen in our offices!! -- auto scrolling, live information