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Title: Proof of play issues
Post by: ANOOP on June 20, 2014, 10:48:29 AM
The proof of play requires a different concept, when we create campaigns and assign the content name it doesnot create as a database like packages. If i have say 4 time lines and have the same ad being played in all the timelines i will have to enter 4 times and it is advisable to have it like ad_1,ad_2 etc..
In case if i duplicate the campaign then the whole thing goes for a toss the content name changes, the package changes etc. In case you have analytics built in then never dupilcate or delete resources or scenes in timelines. Keep creating new timelines.
I would suggest you to allow creating the content name once and then choose the same if needed for all the timelines.
At present i am running a project that needs proof of play analytics and i am having nightmares  :'(