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I'm testing the new Signage Studio version 6.1 and I have various stations running older Player versions, every one of them is informing the caching status (which is surprising) but I installed the new player version (available in the download section of the webpage) that matches the Signage Studio version 6.1.8 and I'm not having any caching information from that station.

This is really weird. It will be very helpful if you release a walktrough video, showcasing the new features and how to use them.

Anyone else having problems with the new version?

Best Regards

Do you have an idea of ​​when this new feature will be available? Thanks

Hi, I'm running into this issue every day! I have a 350 players network scattered all over the country, so I had very bad network connections in some places.

 I noticed that  when we push out a change with new resources, the signageplayers start downloading them, but if for some reason the connection drops, the download isn't successful (eg a 160MB mp4 but only 50MB made it through), the signageplayer does not check that the file size is incorrect and renames it to xxx.mp4 anyways (as thought it is a valid file). As a result, those videos/images plays incomplete in a loop for the duration of the video, as it where complete or in the worst cases it doesn't play at all.

How can it be possible the signage player renames and plays this files even if it doesn't match the size of the original video/image file?

Is there no hash checking for files? or even a simple file size comparison?

As I said before, I'm aware we have serious problems in some locations with poor network speeds, but that is no reason for the signageplayer to validate those files as correct, when there is a obvious difference in file size, let alone a CRC or checksum.

Hi ANOOP, we are already doing that, but that means extra work just to accomplish something should be a standard feature. It makes no sense  :-\

topangan, As I said before, I like the platform overall, but I can't agree more that this feature will make it much more appealing to a broader array of customers. Not every user has the knowledge, time and patience to deal with this kind of workarounds.

I hope the dev team can make us all happy.

What I mean is caching the content in the background, while the already cached content is playing without interruption. For example, I want to display a happy new year message to all our staff working overtime in new year eve, so I need to upload the message in advance, so it plays at 12:00., and I need the video cached in the background, so the staff doesn't see it. With the current cache system, my staff will see a blank screen with a progress bar instead a happy new year video. That's no cool.

I know, there is plenty other Signage solutions out there that do that, but I really like this platform. It's just I can't help feeling that the platform is full of features, but at the same time lacks of some basic, but key functionalities.

Maybe it's just me.

New features and suggestions / Download content in the background
« on: May 23, 2018, 01:46:03 PM »
I'm really stunned on how you have neglected adding this BASIC feature for so many years (And so many requests). It is really that difficult? I mean, this is a default feature of any modern DS platform I know.

And to clarify once more, what we mean by download in the background is: You program a content x in a station y > the station gets the command to update > the station keeps playing the content previously cached without interruption > the station downloads the new assets IN THE BACKGROUND > once the new assets are fully downloaded, the station A) restart and plays the updated campaign, or B) Plays the updated campaign as scheduled, WHITOUT any black screen/progress bar.

Please guys, focus on having a solid platform that excels in the basic stuff every one needs, before adding new "fancy" features a few must make good use of it.


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