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Title: Video Trouble after upgrade to 4
Post by: ricklchart on November 07, 2012, 08:44:10 AM
I am having a couple video problems after changing to version 4. I am adding video inside a scene. I let the scene run for a long duration of them and loop the video. With version 3, the video would play to the end and then restart. Auto Rewind was checked and is checked in version 4. After upgrading, the video plays to the end then stops. For now I've worked around this by playing the scene for the length of the video and then restarting it. I just don't feel I should need to do this extra work since it worked previously.

Another problem that I have is the name of the used video is not available when I click on the Video tab inside the screen. I am almost certain it was there in version 3, but now I only see a blank box to the right of the title "Video." Other resources, such as images correctly display their names in their respective boxes in the same scene.

I contacted chat support and the best answer I got was there were "a lot of changes done on the 4.0." Both of these items seem more like bugs to me than legit changes.
Title: Re: Video Trouble after upgrade to 4
Post by: GRAFIXMEDIA on November 07, 2012, 02:15:14 PM
Hi regarding your first problem where video is not looping.  Try the Collection Component and add your video files to items list.

Under 3.0 you was restricted to single file use inside scenes this resulting in lots of duplicated scenes.  Now under 4.0 one scene can have multiple files playing by using Collection Component. you can even mix file types like  jpeg,flv,swf and it will play one after the other and will loop.

Hope it helps.