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Report bugs and errors / Re: Studio 4.0 Alpha Bugs
« on: June 05, 2012, 01:32:20 AM »
I'm having an incredibly hard time trying to resize items in the timeline as follows:

Resizing to make resources larger by grabbing from a control handle ON THE RIGHT of the item to "drag it" to the right as to make it larger (extend it in the timeline) hardly ever works UNLESS I do it slowly while keeping the "arrow shape" cursor icon (that the windows cursor turns into when you are near the resize handles) mostly to the LEFT of the handle. If I do it too fast (normal speed or fast as oppossed to extremely slow) or get the cursor (a bit) to the left of the handle, I can no longer resize the item larger. Resizing it smaller is no big problem, I'm guessing because while doing so you always keep the cursor "inside" the item rather than outside. Resizing to the left works much better, but resizing (making bigger) by dragging to the right is almost impossible and i have to both de-activate snapping and resize SLOWLY dragging and trying to keep the cursor (well) inside the item at all times.

Resizing items in the timeline by dragging handles never worked 100% fine in studio for me, but the 4.x alphas are FAR FAR worse to the verge of unuseable (only enlarging and mostly to the right, reducing works mostly fine and enlarging to the left not-perfect-but-useable) compared to all previous versions I tried.

I have updated graphics drivers once since the alpha and this is a win7 64bits system which only "weird" thing may be that my monitor resolution is 2560x1440. Air is 3.3 last beta. The zoom level I use in the timeline doesn't seem to make a difference in this matter. Only de-activating snapping makes it useable but of course, snapping is very desireble in the timeline. Turning snapping off is just a workaround, not that snapping itself is at fault, since otherwise it stops the resizing whenever it snaps to other items in the timeline "forcing" to "force" the drag to the right and whenever the cursor leaves the item area to the right the resizing no longer works (all this while holding down the mouse button non stop, of course, and being careful not to even leave the bar area in the timeline of the item I'm trying to resize, etc.

New features and suggestions / Re: Screenshots
« on: June 04, 2012, 03:23:56 PM »
I also get this feature to only show 1 of my screens, although they all share one large windows desktop (4 screens across two vga controllers). At least up to the 3.2 player, I still haven't tried 4.x

New features and suggestions / UPDATING ASSETS FROM LOCAL CONTENT?
« on: June 03, 2012, 05:01:36 PM »
Am I missing something or the only way to update in a campaign an asset (say a .jpg image) that has been modified is to delete the assest, add it again, and re-upload/sync?

It would be great if one of the options with the assests would be not just "add or delete" but to "update from local drive" (to a new "edited version").

Saves lots of time when pretty much everything remains the same but only a small change in the content of a jpg is needed ...

I was wondering if we could configure signageplayer somehow to decide where all the disk writes (and reads) will happen to. This way, I could direct them to a different partition from the main windows one in the hard drive in order to minimize the chances of corruption, etc.

I thought about using a virtual drive and safe writing modes, but I will also be updating the windows installation itself often with new graphics drivers, adobe runtimes or player releases, not to mention show design updates, so for the time being I think I'll just deploy a regular windows installation on the SSD drive, but it could potentitally halp to have the signageplayer software be configured to make all writes to a different (i.e. "D:") drive or partition. This shouldn't be too hard to configure, at least deciding where the cache directory should reside, and possibly a good feature for other more complex installations with caches, flash drives, removable media or complex networks ...

hidetaskbar.exe hides the taskbar, but I still get the cursor arrow pointer stuck in the middel of the screen instead of hiding and the windows will reboot in 1 minute message upon automatic station switch off ...

Hey, I just started having a similar problem.

The windows taskbar doesn't close (windows 7 embedded standard 64bits sp1 updated english), the cursor remains in the middle of the screen, and when I ask studio to reboot or turn off the station the windows 7 "windows will close in 1 minute" dialog appears.

AFTER I had already starting having the problem, I've tried the usual plus some unusual to see if it went away. I updated graphics drivers, updated to AIR 3.3 and even to player 4.0.3 alpha. I still get the cursor on the screen and the hint of the taskbar at the bottom and the "windows will close in 1 minute" dialog (whenever the machine is about to turn off or reboot).

I've tried deleting the cache directory and re-registering the player.

And changing the player from test mode back to "real mode".

Anything anybody can think (developers) in the way the desktop is "shut off" that could be affecting this? Is this the controller.exe job? Is any external software called to do this? (i.e. shutdown.exe?) Anything we can test?

I will try "hidetaskbar.exe" next ...

BTW, the windows's taskbar's "START" button IS disabled, and I'm running no other sofware (no antiviruses or anything other than stock windows) and NOTHING in the notification area (not even the window clock or volumen icon gadget or graphcis card control center etc) ... everything I can think of is disabled ...

Yeah, but my design called for scrolling horizontally across at least 3 of the 4 ... so I had it in a 4x1 configuration, I guess I can do a fake 3x2 at 1280x3=3840 and then play the 4th monitor with its own screen division set "underneath" the others (although physically it will continue to be 4x1) ... thankfully I only really need to scroll in 3 of them, 'cos if I really needed all 4 ... well, I would be much harder or impossible on 4.0 then ...

Oh, that's too bad, I can't properly do under 4096 on a 4-screen setup ... even 720 is 1280x4=5120 ... :(

Now I'll have to stay under 4.0 then ... is that a limitation of the studio or also the player??? I could use the new player and the old studio if so ...

Report bugs and errors / Screen size limit of 4096 in 4.0 studio??
« on: June 01, 2012, 05:09:35 PM »

Trying the new 4.0 studio (release 3 I believe) and when I try to create a screen (as oppossed to a screen division) with a total lenght of over 4096, the input field box changes it back to 4096 (i.e. it applies some input validation with the rule of size less than 4097).

Now, my screen sizes in 3.0 up to 3.2 have always been 5120x720 (the size of my physical "screen" or, rather, the windows desktop) and it has never given me any problems. Now, each screen DIVISION I have always kept under 2048 x 2048 as per limitation of the sofware (as I understood), which I also now believe with 4.0 has been improved to 4096 x 4096, but the TOTAL ("physical") screen size has been 5120 in my case but can't put that size in the input box for screen sizes in design studio 4.0

If it is a simple validation bug, could you pls fix it quickly and release a new version as I can't properly design on a screen that doesn't match my screen size? Thanks

Report bugs and errors / Re: Studio 4.0 Alpha Bugs
« on: May 27, 2012, 02:59:18 PM »
Testing the pre-alpha 4.0 build and wondering if we should just make a (long) thread in the forum titled something like "POST ALL YOUR 4.0 PREALPHA ISSUES AND ERRORS IN THIS TRHREAD" to briefly describe the issues found in case they have not been officially noted. Posting a different thread for each bug this early in the release will surely be too messy and, as you say, unnecessary, as you are already aware of many problems and are fixing them in a daily basis and having tons of error reporting all over the place will probably just waste more time than save it.

My first issue and the one currently preventing me to try a few more things is studio apparently claiming that the total size of my screen is 4096 pixels wide instead of the real 5120 pixels that it is.

I know that each screen division has a 4096x4096 size limit in this release, but surely the total size of all screen divisions added together can be larger than this like in all previous versions, right?

This build of windows 7 embedded lacked shutdown.exe, thus the issue.

Manually adding it (to the syswow64 folder, not just the system32 one, btw) fixed the issue. Signage player was able to reboot the machine and turn it off at a specific time afterwards.

But also a "windows will shutdown in less than a minute" dialog shows up before the station is turned off when ordered by (U'm guessing) the controller. Wondering if this is normal and everybody gets it or not.

Still, maybe you should revise the code in controller to figure why the snapshot feature is missing after trying to reboot with a missing shutdown.exe

Just test as follows:
-delete (rename) shutdown.exe from the windows (syswow64) folder
-ask the player to reboot ... it will claim the station is rebooting but nothing is happening (still playing fine).
-from that point on, the station can be made to re-sync, play, stop, etc, pretty much working fine, but the snapshot no longer works. This, at least, with 3.2.00. Haven't tested in 4.xx

Do you guys use shutdown.exe for these things (reboot/turn station off)? In that case, I could check for existance+functionaly manually in the windows version of the station.

Just a small clarification, the show was missing about the last 1/5 of the screen across all (four) monitors (on two graphics adapters) in a single 5120x720 desktop, like say trying to display a 720 vertical pixels show in a 640 pixels tall monitor. Horizontally it was all fine.

But the show had been designed for 720 pixels high and indeed, upon reboot and up until now, the show has been displaying fine filling the screen as it should for a couple of days and through many reboots. It happened only when the player was playing a show designed with a canvas size of 1080-y, then changed to 720-y saved-uploaded-synched and the new show played, horizontally was fine, but the bottom 1/5 of the screen "overflowed" the physical vertical monitor(s) "size" and wasn't showing. Until the station was rebooted (I did not ask the player to stop and play again or simply restart it but powered off and on the station instead).

OK, so I checked the player station and it was playing the show fine. So from studio, if I asked the station to reboot, it would change the status message to "rebooting station" but nothing actually happened at the station. If I asked studio to run or update the show etc, it would do it fine. But the "snapshot" feature no longer works until I manually reboot the player.

In short, this particular station running 3.2.00 player, 3.2.2070 air, on windows 7 embedded sp1 64 bits, acts as follows:
-Station can be turned on and off just fine by (briefly) pressing the on/off switch like any other PC.
-Station turns on by itself through the wakeup RTC bios clock at a set time.
-Signage controller and player run fine. I have signagecontroller autostart and this, in turn, starts up signageplayer.
-I can get snapshots from signagestudio of this station.
-I can "save and upload and sync" changes from studio. The station briefly displays the "signageplayer will resume momentarily" and the new show begins.

BUT: if I ask studio to reboot this station, it changes the status to "rebooting" but nothing seems to happen at the station. The show continues, signage controller keeps running. Only change is that I lose the snapshot capability from that point on. Status can be changed back to "playing" and memory usage etc seems to update fine.

ALSO: whenever I have a pre-programmed time to turn the station off in studio, when the time cames, controller stops the player, shows a message that it's turning off, shuts itself off and leaves the station with the windows desktop and cursor pointer doing nothing, but it does not turn the machine off.

So there is no way for me to remotely reboot the station or turn it off using the player/controller. This happens whether I set any autoreboot condition (i.e. memory usage, time of day) or not.

I'll have to set up an external windows event to shut the machine off entirely.

Not sure if this may have to do with differences between windows 7 embeded and regular windows 7, but I don't think it should.

Only weird thing may be that I have "signagecontroller.bat" set to "read only" with a single line "call "C:\Program Files (x86)\SignagePlayer\win32\SignageController.exe" since otherwise it would start multiple instances of signage player and do all kinds of weird stuff in my system. The signage controller in turn starts up a single instance of the player which is what I want.

With the signage player 3.2.00 pre-alpha, the remote station doesn't reboot when "ordered" by signagestudio (3.0). It just displays a "reboot station ..." message in studio and stays like that forever.

Also, when set powersaving features to turn station off at a certain time, well, it doesn't.

Not sure what's happening at the station as it's far away and, well, even though I can get studio to "claim" that it's playing the show again by cliking "play" (status changes from "reboot station" to "playing" and memory indicators etc update every minute or so), it doesn't give me a screen snapshot. I'll try to check tomorrow what kind of state the player is in etc.

could be usefull if we could get in studio a full log of what the player's controllers are doing ... (like open a local log screen similar to the dos command box the controllers spit the logs in the playerstations and just echo everything ...)

win7 embedded 64bits english, air 3.2.2070, player 3.2.00 pre alpha, studio 3.0.1110

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