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Report bugs and errors / screen division priority sorting bug
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:54:09 PM »
In studio 4.0.77, when you try to re-arrange the priority of screens-divisions in the screen-divisions editor by dragging them up-and-down the list in the screen templates, you can't drag an screendivision to the last place in the list from above. You have to drag it to the next-to-last, and then move the last one up.

Also, I managed somehow to get two screen divisions with the same "order" priority field number (i.e. screens divisions 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6). Moving it around kept the duplication. IIRC, Had to move it to the last place, add a new item, swap them, drag the new back up and delete it so the duplicate would go away.

Win7 64 latest air.

Also, the webplayer seems to default to a white background screen. The stand-alone players to a black one. Can we count on the player to initialize the background to a determined color in all platforms for future cross-compatibility? I know we can add a background channel, but having one more channel and redraws-etc shouldn't really be needed when the player can initialize the stage background across all platforms (I suggest to black) once and then forget about it.

Thanks for the continuing work and frequent updates!!!!

Report bugs and errors / Security certificate check????
« on: August 22, 2012, 05:07:26 AM »
This happened probably after what I believed was an automatic background update of a player from probably 4.x.45 to 47 or so .... I got a windows pop-up saying:

"revocation information for the security certificate for the site is not available do you want to proceed"

Here is a screenshot.


and the player is stuck there. Studio claims the player was waiting or something, I could reboot it, but then it would either display a black screen, display a "presentation will resume momentarily" animation or would just get stuck at "init" ... Regardless, at best, the same screen would show up. I also commanded a remote clear cache from studio, but it would still not boot into the presentation.

I retrieved the station and are in the process of further diagnostics. As far as I know, this win7 64 player was fully updated about a week ago and working fine until about 2-3 days when this happened.

Date and time in the station are the correct ones, and again, windows update was run there about 1 week ago and it all seemed fine. Suspecting something during the "automatic background" upgrade from .45 to .47 or so and also know this station has been experimenting some internet connection problems (ISP is cutting off ADSL service every now and then, they are trying to fix it).

This one happened just once, so not easily reproduced, I don't think.

So I make changes with Studio, upload/restart stations, all ok. I make another small change, upload/restart and station permanently displays the "signage presentation will resume momentarily" animated sign ...

Lastest build (4.0.45??) Win7 64

Like I said, it has worked before hundreds of times. And it worked before up to a few minutes before it happened. Only "weird thing" is that the .45 update is quite recent, like under 24 hours, but it has successfully "re-started" the new/changed presentations fine a few times ...

Studio claims the station is "playing" and a remote screenshot of the station shows the "presentation will resume momentarily " animation that is permanently being displayed.

Pressing ESC on the player doesn't do anything. Asking studio to reboot the station did reboot it and then the show started fine with the new changes.

Sorry I can't help reproduce it, just letting you know there's still a (rare) bug in the "restart" player function of the player. Perhaps a watchdog not make sure "presentation will resume momentarily" is not displayed "forever" and re-try the restart ...?????

New features and suggestions / UPDATING ASSETS FROM LOCAL CONTENT?
« on: June 03, 2012, 05:01:36 PM »
Am I missing something or the only way to update in a campaign an asset (say a .jpg image) that has been modified is to delete the assest, add it again, and re-upload/sync?

It would be great if one of the options with the assests would be not just "add or delete" but to "update from local drive" (to a new "edited version").

Saves lots of time when pretty much everything remains the same but only a small change in the content of a jpg is needed ...

I was wondering if we could configure signageplayer somehow to decide where all the disk writes (and reads) will happen to. This way, I could direct them to a different partition from the main windows one in the hard drive in order to minimize the chances of corruption, etc.

I thought about using a virtual drive and safe writing modes, but I will also be updating the windows installation itself often with new graphics drivers, adobe runtimes or player releases, not to mention show design updates, so for the time being I think I'll just deploy a regular windows installation on the SSD drive, but it could potentitally halp to have the signageplayer software be configured to make all writes to a different (i.e. "D:") drive or partition. This shouldn't be too hard to configure, at least deciding where the cache directory should reside, and possibly a good feature for other more complex installations with caches, flash drives, removable media or complex networks ...

Report bugs and errors / Screen size limit of 4096 in 4.0 studio??
« on: June 01, 2012, 05:09:35 PM »

Trying the new 4.0 studio (release 3 I believe) and when I try to create a screen (as oppossed to a screen division) with a total lenght of over 4096, the input field box changes it back to 4096 (i.e. it applies some input validation with the rule of size less than 4097).

Now, my screen sizes in 3.0 up to 3.2 have always been 5120x720 (the size of my physical "screen" or, rather, the windows desktop) and it has never given me any problems. Now, each screen DIVISION I have always kept under 2048 x 2048 as per limitation of the sofware (as I understood), which I also now believe with 4.0 has been improved to 4096 x 4096, but the TOTAL ("physical") screen size has been 5120 in my case but can't put that size in the input box for screen sizes in design studio 4.0

If it is a simple validation bug, could you pls fix it quickly and release a new version as I can't properly design on a screen that doesn't match my screen size? Thanks

With the signage player 3.2.00 pre-alpha, the remote station doesn't reboot when "ordered" by signagestudio (3.0). It just displays a "reboot station ..." message in studio and stays like that forever.

Also, when set powersaving features to turn station off at a certain time, well, it doesn't.

Not sure what's happening at the station as it's far away and, well, even though I can get studio to "claim" that it's playing the show again by cliking "play" (status changes from "reboot station" to "playing" and memory indicators etc update every minute or so), it doesn't give me a screen snapshot. I'll try to check tomorrow what kind of state the player is in etc.

could be usefull if we could get in studio a full log of what the player's controllers are doing ... (like open a local log screen similar to the dos command box the controllers spit the logs in the playerstations and just echo everything ...)

win7 embedded 64bits english, air 3.2.2070, player 3.2.00 pre alpha, studio 3.0.1110

Sorry I can't be too specific on this error, but was in a hurry and not sure how/what happened.

So I had a show running on 3.2.00 (pre-alpha) and air 3.2 (whatever the current 3.2 air is :). This is on a system with 2 graphics cards with catalyst 12.5 drivers running as a single (large) desktop.

Show was running fine.

So I went to a remote signagestudio and changed the current screen arragement of the current show which was too large for the current screen resolution as it was designed for a 1080p while the current screen was 720p.

So I set the new screen size to 720 pixels Y in studio, mad a few changes, and uploaded with the "reset stations" box ticked.

So when I went to check the player "live" the new (modified) show was indeed playing but everything in all the screens was "cut off" at the bottom, like if again the studio screen size was a bit too large and the show didn't fit the physical screen(s) size. I knew this wasn't possible as I was sure I had set up the new screen to 720 pixels, like the physical screen size, and the content accordingly.

So I turned the player off and back on and indeed the (same) show now displayed properly.

So my conclusion is that the "update players" option when saving from studio, if there is a screen size change, may not be setting the right "full screen mode" in the player until the player is rebooted. If you want to try to reproduce my problem, try with a 1080p studio screen, play it in a 720p windows desktop (multiple monitors under catalyst 12.5 if you want to match my setup even more), then go to a studio while the show is running, change the screen size to 720, upload with "update player" checked, and see if it changes the "resolution" of the show properly w/o rebooting the player.

BTW I did get a remote snapshot of the show after the studio-save+update and it showed fine in the snapshot. It's like the player setup a "weird" full screen resolution where a small portion of the bottom of the screen(s) was missing but the player thought it was displaying the full content just fine.

As I said, a reboot of the player cleared it all up, but it had been playing fine before the change-of-screen-size-in-studio and only cut-off the bottom of the show afterwards (w/o been rebooted) and kept doing it until rebooted.

Go figure.

win7 64bits embedded, BTW, and also, my desktop screen resolution was a very non-standard 5120x720

A fresh install of signage player pre-alpha 3.2 (sorry, no sure the rest of the version number) works fine with internet connection but "hangs" on the "opening" screen (with the white central windows that usually shows up briefly to "connect" before running the show). This is on win7 embedded 64bits english on air 3.2

It doesn't seem to even try to start the show, just hangs there. Once interenet connection is restablished and rebooted, the show starts normally.

I know it's pre-alpha etc, but needless to say hanging before the show even starts (and thus has pbbly nothing to do with the show content which, BTW, are just simple text/video/pictures, no HTML components or fancy stuff) when there is no internet connection instead of playing from the cache is a showstopper :D

Looking forward to the prompt release of a more solid 3.2 !!!!


Just installed signage player 3.2 (current build today) on a system otherwise working fine with 3.0

When run, it just displays a black screen and ignores any input (i.e. pressing esc). Doesn't ask for user/password or do anything AFAIK.

Sorry can't give much more info, but no way to further help diagnose unless you tell me to try things.

This is on win7 64 with current air 3.2

I tried both, an "upgrade" from 3.0 player and also to uninstall and re-install.

Any log files or anything I can check to see where/why it hangs?

New features and suggestions / Loading progress bar disabling option
« on: April 07, 2012, 09:28:50 AM »

Just tried the new alpha 3.1 (3.2?) player and playback of a video-after-another behaviour seems to have changed. The old player would fade between the videos while the new one seems to stop at the end, then spend some time loading the new video while a "progress bar indicator" shows up on the screen, and finally plays it back.

Though I liked the behaviour of the old player better, if now it must be done the new way, or regardless, I think it would be useful if there was an option to disable "progress bar loading" indicators to show up in any screen for any resource, as sometimes black/blank is MUCH preferable to any such "loading" graphics.


It would be useful, on top of knowing "starting time", "time running", etc of each player, to have the player send studio the current time. And hopefully even be able to set the computer time, if possible.

You see, sometimes the local clock of a player gets set wrong (i.e. dead batteries), or the player is located in another country where they adjust for Daytime savings on a DIFFERENT date than it is done in the USA (or someother country), so one can sometimes not be sure what exact time/date a particular player "thinks" it is.

This is, of course, most important to setup starting/reboot times, etc.

It would also be useful if whole playing-stations reboots could be scheduled more than once a day.

This, of course, also has to do with display units which start-up and power down schedules can not be finely controlled (i.e. they do not update for daylight savings automatically or they insist on power saving features) as well as player stations that must have all the monitors turned on BEFORE the computer reboots (but the monitors must have some signal input or they will go to sleep on their own w/o the possibility to be turned on again, etc).

In other words, although it shouldn't be an issue that the player station should have to deal with, in practice, having fine control about what (system) time the station has (knowing it remotely by studio), be able to set it (ideally), be able to reboot at specific times (rather than power savings, due to incorrect monitor configuration if the monitors are turned off at the time the stating is rebooted-powered on), etc could be useful.


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