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General discussion on the mediaCLOUD / Current Security Standards & Concerns
« on: September 07, 2016, 09:19:46 AM »
I am researching the security procedures and methods and have only been able to found outdated documentation here: digitalsignage.com/html/signage_security.html

In the forums there are no recent updates on this and it would be helpful to know if the updated software works differently now or has any security at all. I know the data is now stored on Amazon AWS, but as far as the software running over an HTTP connection are there any potentials for injections of media that could compromise a network etc... It would be GREAT if you guys could provide an fully outlined updated document regarding your most recent security.

Report bugs and errors / HTML5 Component + Google Slides NOT WORKING
« on: June 08, 2016, 12:01:18 PM »
So it seems Google Slides has performed an update on their platform rendering it completely useless overnight via the HTML Component tool within Signage.

In an attempt to workaround the issue we have attempted to use Firefox as an ext. app, however the tutorial on the documentation is out of date and uses old plugins that are no longer supported. Some of the options still work, but in general there is not decent solution to make it work correctly.

Aside from --kiosk mode in Google Chrome. I cannot yet find an extension that hides all of the browser components except for the content window.

Is there anything that we can do or anyone that has an updated solution for displaying Google Slides or incompatible browser content via an ext app such as Google Chrome or Firefox that would be useful or applicable in our situation?

I believe it would be in the best interest of your software product and clients if you were to hide the command prompt for the batch file that launches the signage controller and player.

This can be achieved easily by using a shorcut.lnk in the startup directory instead of directly placing the batch file in the startup directory but linking it to the program files where the software is actually located. You can add a handle to the say, 'signagecontroller.lnk' to run minimized start /min myfile.bat or cmd.exe /c start /min myfile.bat ^& exit or something along those lines.

Please take this into consideration as I was unable to do this myself due to the fact every time signage launches it propagates itself back into the startup folder undoing all of my work and writing over any previous files.

This can also be achieved running a vbs script. But you guys are the programmers I'm sure you can figure it out. With this command prompt up for even a few seconds it exposes the directory and file structure of the signage player. Which to clients may not be a good thing in certain instances.

In some, most, well just about every situation in which you would upload a video resource to mediasignage regardless of format, you are left with SSS.ss seconds. Instead of normal timing as would in about every video application HH:MM:SS:FF where you are able to modify frames within each second Signage Studio currently allows you to change the timing on the timeline to only the nearest second. It would be very handy when trying to sync of videos that are not entirely a whole second to the rest of the timeline. When you drag and drop it is very inaccurate requiring you to manually adjust the timing because when moving the items around it is actually moving them to the fraction of a second but not reflecting this in the time editor on the side.

Please advise.

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