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Title: Minor bugs in schedule tool
Post by: ayukawa on March 08, 2010, 08:55:53 AM
Minor bugs in the schedule tool. 
1)  the pattern name doesn't get updated in the "rules" window.  Mine seem stuck on the default of "pattern" even when I update the name field in the properties window.
2)  if you set a start date and time in the PAST, then that pattern starts and doesn't seem to stop regardless of the settings in properties.  Not such a big deal but can be a bit disconcerting when just trying to learn the scheduler.
3)  Under some circumstances, the timeline can go past 23:59:59.  It seems to have stopped doing this, now that I fixed the setting for events past. 
This PAST restriction is a bit of a hassle.  Say that you want to configure things to start at 7:00am every day and run all day, and you are working on this at 10:00am on your development system.  Can't really test it.