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Author Topic: Performance Decrease after Several Hours (ANDROID 8.1 VERSION: 6.3.26/28)  (Read 2678 times)


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I need a solution for what appears to be a memory leak(?) with the built in transitions in Signage Player for Android.

I'm using Android 8.1 & SignagePlayer Version 6.3.26/28 (Android APK)

The issue is with the built-in 3D Transitions with default settings on pngs. The presentation's 3D transitions begin to slow down / chug after several hours. This issue was very noticeable after roughly 10 hours of uptime. Navigating back to Android launcher at that point reveals completely normal performance outside of the Signage APK. Power-cycling the Android unit brings frame-rate back to normal but having to constantly restart is definitely not ideal.

The timeline contains 5 channels, 4 channels use this style of transition and the 5th channel is used as an underlay, fixed background image.

Initial performance for the presentation on startup is very good and remains good for a few hours.

I've tested this on several versions of Android with a few different models of device and found identical results regardless of hardware spec.
Please help thanks.

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Re: Performance Decrease after Several Hours (ANDROID 8.1 VERSION: 6.3.26/28)
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for android devices, the optimal result can be achieved if you use jpg with 1920x1080 max resolution with 72dpi and 80% quality. the resulting file size would be about 200kb to 500kb. transition is processing intensive thus reducing using the above would help. also are you using a single timeline? if you are and have set it to 24hrs, try reducing it to 6hrs or 4hrs - this give the player the chance to release the timeline from memory and lessen the chance of memory leaks.

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